A Brisbane man has thanked paramedics who saved his life after a heart attack.

The 60-year-old met with his heroes today, looking much brighter than he did a month ago.

Amy Stewart reports.


The last time David Bonfield and his wife visited the Narangba Ambulance station, David was fighting for his life.

A month later, he’s back to thank those who saved him.

Early last month, the 60-year-old was suffering chest pains.

Having suffered a heart attack in 2004, David didn’t take the pains lightly.

He asked his wife to drive him to the chemist to get his heart medicine.

David Bonfield, Heart Attack Survivor: “By the time we got in the car, the pain increased that much that I said no, we’ll go straight to the ambulance station.”

Outside, paramedics jumped into action putting David in the back of an ambulance.

Bob Besenyei, Intensive Care Paramedic: “Initially we commenced treating David for chest pain, and during that time he arrested in the back of the vehicle.”

Once stabilised, David was taken to Prince Charles Hospital.

Thanks to his paramedic heroes, his recovery was quick.

David Bonfield, Heart Attack Survivor: “Two and a half hours after I arrested I wanted a sandwich… sitting up in bed.”

Paramedics say David was lucky in this case, and urge all patients who suspect they have cardiac problems to call triple zero rather than delay treatment by driving to the ambulance station.

David says he now plans to lead a better life.

David Bonfield, Heart Attack Survivor: “Try and look after myself a little bit better a little bit of exercise, yeah.”

Amy Stewart, QUT News