Lord Mayor Campbell Newman’s dream for Brisbane to become the next world city was unveiled at today’s State of the Capital conference.

So what’s planned for Brisbane’s future in the coming years?

Lisa Kingsberry reports.


Experts say a dynamic and interactive community that brings creative thought to life is set to hit Brisbane’s landscape in the coming years.

Planners says this is reliant, however, on relaxing stringent regulations and continued support for the arts.

Tony Ellwood, Queensland Art Gallery Director: “We feel that if we can continue to provide regular, reliable, exclusive, major shows to the cultural precinct that our numbers will continue to be well supported.”

The conference hammered home the city’s lack of sustainable energy sources – especially solar.

But Environmental Specialist, Professor Paul Meredith, says although we’re lagging behind other developed nations we are making progress.

Michael Rayner, Cox Rayner Architects: “Why can’t Brisbane be as Paul Meredith said, the world’s environmental city?”

But with Brisbane’s population growth in overdrive, planning experts say infrastructure and public transport remain key issues of concern.”

Campbell Newman, Lord Mayor: “We need better infrastructure obviously our systems need to be upgraded and that’s what we’re working on.”

Bus way upgrades, more cycle centres and some development of solar energies are planned to be in place by 2015.

Lisa Kingsberry, QUT News