The Australian Defence Force has a new mission it wants to complete making sure the spirit of Anzac is still alive.

Its target, high school students and today it was Brisbane’s turn.

Julia Taylor reports.


With ANZAC day fast approaching the spirit of the Anzac has come under the spotlight.

A national youth challenge organised by the Australian Defence Force aimed to give students a better understanding of the Anzac spirit.

Ken Given, Group Captain: “Effectively that is the values and characteristics that the diggers at Gallipoli are remembered for.”

Captain Given believes that Australia is rekindling the Anzac flame.

Ken Given, Group Captain: “The country has almost rediscovered the importance of the Anzac spirit.”

Students were encouraged to discuss what they believed the Anzac spirit meant to them.

Vox 1: “To me personally its about courage, spirit and commitment.”

Vox 2: “I’m participating just to learn a lot more about the Anzac spirit and what the Anzac spirit means to our country.”

Some were just excited to meet the men and women serving our country.

Vox 3: “Well I just want to follow them into service and that’s where I want to head.”

Others were just happy to be there.

Vox 4: “I think it’s just excellent to see the freedom we have here in Australia.”

The program gives students the opportunity to meet and interact with the people who defend our front line.

It also gives the ADF an opportunity to share their stories with Australia’s future generation and carry on an Australian tradition.

Jo Campbell, Corporal ADF: “With Anzac day just around the corner it’s good for them to have a idea of what the Anzac spirit is to keep that alive.”

If there’s one thing these students should remember today it’s to never forget.

Julia Taylor, QUT News