Deputy Premier and Health Minister Paul Lucas is under fire for trying to pass the buck on Queensland Health’s payroll debacle.

Opposition leader John-Paul Langbroek has called for staff to be questioned under oath to prove Mr Lucas knew the payroll system might fail.

Rory Dawson reports.


The state Opposition pulled no punches in question time today, demanding Deputy Premier Paul Lucas be held accountable for the underpayment of thousands of Queensland hospital workers.

There are claims a senior Queensland Health officer warned the Minister in June of potential problems with the payroll system.

Mr Lucas says he was aware the system had problems, but that he was told they were fixed by the time it went live last month. \

Paul Lucas, Health Minister: “People are entitled to expect when you have a sign off on a document from IBM, from CorpTech, from Queensland Health, from senior people that you can expect to rely on that advice Mr Speaker, why else. I ultimately accept responsibility for this because I am the Health Minister Mr speaker.”

The Opposition’s also called for Queensland Health staff should be interviewed.

John-Paul Langbroek, Opposition leader: “Will the minister allow Queensland Health staff to now be questioned under oath to see if they agree with his claim that the minister was never advised about pending disasters with the Queensland Health payroll system or does the minister have something to fear and something to hide.”

The Queensland Health payroll system is currently under review.

Rory Dawson, QUT News