The biggest roof top solar panel system in Australia will be set up at the University of Queensland.

The new grid will stop more than 1,700-tonnes of greenhouse gases from being emitted each year, the equivalent of taking 335 cars off the road.

Carly Synnott reports.


Is it the smart state or the sunshine state?

It seems both have combined with these roofs set to be transformed as part of the University of Queensland’s solar initiative.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “The University of Queensland is set to become home to Australia’s largest rooftop installation of solar energy.”

At least for a while.

Professor Paul Meredith, University of Queensland: “We can make that statement today, but what I think you’ll see and what we’ll see as a community is the roll-out of very similar types of sizes of array throughout Australia.”

The solar panels will span the size of one and a half football fields, sitting atop three buildings.

The university will increase it’s solar energy production a thousand times.

Professor Paul Meredith, University of Queensland: “Conservative estimates are about 1.75 GW hours.”

It will be 800 times bigger than what you’d expect to see on your average household rooftop but experts say it’s not about the size, or how many, it’s about the efficiency of each individual solar panel.

Professor Paul Meredith, University of Queensland” How much energy can one of these arrays actually produce in the Queensland context.”

The university will be able to rely upon the system for 5 per cent of it’s total energy needs and they have big plans for the future.

Professor Paul Meredith, University of Queensland: “Identified approximately the top 10 buildings we can put this stuff on, so we got plenty more up our sleeve.”

Carly Synnott, QUT News