Daylight saving could be introduced in Queensland as early as next Summer.

But Premier Anna Bligh says a final decision will only be reached once Queenslanders have had their say.

Samantha Kane reports.


Anna Bligh called a special Caucus meeting this morning to determine whether Queensland would join its’ southern neighbours in the switch to daylight saving.

No decision was reached with the Premier instructing all MP to gather views in their electorates by the next Parliament sitting.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “I think before I make up my mind on how to vote on this issue, I should talk to Queenslanders. They’ve never had a chance to have a say on this issue and it’s time maybe for me to listen a bit harder.”

But the public remains divided on the issue.

Vox one: “It doesn’t make any difference to me, but I think it does to the farmers.”

Vox two: “From the years that we did have it, it was really great coming home from work and being able to do things and it was still daylight.”

Vox three: “I don’t care what they do, just as long as they fix these major problems.”

Vox four: “Probably better because we’re the only people in Australia that don’t so it sort of makes everything awkward.”

The proposal of a split time zone for South East Queensland could make it more difficult for Queenslanders doing business but the Independent MP who introduced the Bill insists it’s what Queenslander’s want.

Peter Wellington, Independent MP: “The research I’ve undertaken shows clearly, North Queensland and Western Queensland passionately does not want daylight savings and yet in South East Queensland, there are people just as passionate for it.”

It’s been eighteen years since Queensland’s only referendum on daylight saving. The Premier says the time has come to give Queenslanders another say.

Anna Bligh, Queensland Premier: “If Queenslanders tell me that they want to have a say on this issue and we do proceed down the path of a trial, it could be implemented as early as this Summer.”

Queenslander’s will be given the opportunity to question the Premier directly when she chairs People’s Question time next month.

Samantha Kane, QUT News