Australian doubles great Mark Woodforde has been appointed captain of this year’s Junior Davis Cup team.

He took to the court with two of his young team-members for a final hit-out before the qualifying tournament in Malaysia.

Jemma Cutting reports.


Jack Shipanski and Jay Andrijic are preparing for one their biggest tennis opportunities.

They’ll be representing Australia, for the sixteen-and-under Davis Cup team.

And their new coach and captain is no stranger to the Davis Cup he played for Australia for ten years.

Jay Andrijic, Davis Cup Junior: “He’s been great, it’s a really good opportunity to work with Mark.”

Jack Shipanski, Davis Cup Junior: “We’ve already learnt a lot in just two days from him.”

Also in the team of three juniors last year’s team member Luke Saville.

Their first challenge, next week’s Asia-Oceania qualifying event.

Mark Woodforde, Team Captain: “I think my role is just to help nuture them and nurse them along and give them an idea about these experiences.”

The top four qualifiers from Malaysia, will then compete in the Junior Davis Cup Final in September.

Jay Andrijic, Davis Cup junior: “Hopefully we’ll qualify so we go to Mexico later in the year that’ll be really good.”

Australia is the most successful Junior Davis Cup nation, winning the tournament six times since 1985, and this year they’re confident of making it seven.

Mark Woodforde, Team Captain: “Yeah there’s a real possibility that they’ll qualify through to the finals once again.”

Both Jack and Jay fly out to Malaysia this evening, Luke currently training in Europe will join them on Thursday.

Jay Andrijic, Davis Cup junior: “It’s pretty nerve racking, playing for your country, but should do well.”

The boys already have their future goals mapped out.

Jack Shipanski, Davis Cup junior: “My goal is to one day play Davis Cup for Australia so the Junior Davis Cup I guess is the step below that.”

Jay Andrijic, Davis Cup junior: “Top ten, hopefully making a lot of money.”

Jemma Cutting, QUT News