The Australian Government is considering an increased tax on tobacco to help fund Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s health reform.

Meanwhile Brisbane’s Lord Mayor has voiced the possibility of banning smoking on Queen Street Mall.

Rory Dawson reports.


The National Preventative Health Taskforce is calling for Aussie smokers to cough up their cash.

If the Government decides to include the tax rise in the May budget smokers could be paying $6.50 more for a pack of cigarettes.

The tax hike will help Prime Minister Kevin Rudd raise the funds he needs for his proposed health care reform.

To cap off a bad day for smokers Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman is considering a smoking ban on the Queen Street Mall.

Vox Pop: “I disagree with it entirely, probably because I’m a smoker.”

Vox Pop: “Personally I’m a non-smoker and I find if I want to sit down in Queen St Mall, I can’t because of these people smoking all around me.”

Vox Pop: “We’ve been kicked out of everywhere, you can’t kick us out of here.”

The Lord Mayor says the council will carry out community consultation to assess public opinion on the issue.

Rory Dawson, QUT News