Rugby league legend Allan Langer has been heavily fined and lost his licence for a lengthy period but he has escaped a conviction after pleading guilty to a drink driving charge in a Brisbane Court.

The former Queensland half back is currently suspended from his assistant coaching position at the Broncos over the incident and faces a club review of his future role.

Steve Fox reports.


Langer arrived at court today with his future as the Broncos skills coach hanging in the balance.

The former half back was fined one thousand dollars and disqualified from driving for eight months.

But no conviction was recorded.

Peter Shields, Allan Langer’s legal representative: “All we asked the courts was deal with Allan like you would anyone else in a similar situation before the courts, the courts are a good equaliser and that’s what the courts did.”

The judge took into account loss of income and future employment when sentencing Langer, with the former league legend already losing a lucrative contract with Lion Nathan.

Langer had a heavy drinking session at the Normanby Hotel after his team was crushed by the New Zealand Warriors, forty eight to sixteen.

He blew more than three times the legal limit when pulled over for a random breath test.

Peter Shields, Allan Langer’s legal representative: “He has apologised by pleading guilty, he’s accepted he did the wrong thing.”

Things haven’t got any better for the Broncos, now with four losses in a row culminating in a thirty four to sixteen defeat to the Dragons last Friday.

The future of Allan Langer’s involvement with the Brisbane Broncos is yet to be decided.

Melbourne Storm star Greg Inglis also appeared in court today, avoiding an assault conviction against his girlfriend after the charge was withdrawn.

Steve Fox, QUT News