Covid threatens the medieval movement

By Jack James

COVID-19 restrictions appear to be threatening the growing interest in the medieval era – although some experts believe there is a silver lining.

The Abbey Medieval Festival is Queensland’s largest and most popular Medieval Event. Credit: Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

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There’s (not) an app for that

By Sophie McManus

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are experiencing a reported drop in their usership.

Even though they’ve played a vital part in keeping us connected during the Covid-19 pandemic, millennials are rejecting the platforms in search of genuine connections.

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The barbers cutting the stigma between men and mental health

By Jack James

Queensland’s first men’s mental health barbershop, has opened up in Coorparoo.

StigmaCutz is the brainchild of charity, A Chance For Change, and offers a friendly space where men can engage in honest, caring conversations – whilst getting a trim.

Stigma Cutz can be found at 1036 Stanley St E, Coorparoo QLD.

Stigma Cutz is located at 1036 Stanley St E, Coorparoo QLD, 4169.

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Lockdown silver lining for second-hand clothing sellers

By Sarah Tran

Lockdown restrictions prompted op shops and individuals wanting to get rid of clothing to adapt in ways that worked in their favour.

And these Covid-inspired methods of selling are something they see as a future direction.

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Right to die pledge from Palaszczuk

By Ray Sinclair

Queenslanders will decide their next government on October 31. One law which won’t be voted on until after the outcome of the election is a euthanasia bill making it legal for people to end their own lives.

But in a surprise announcement at Labor’s campaign launch on Sunday the Premier said if re-elected, her government would introduce voluntary assisted dying legislation within months.

Will the right to die become a duty to die?

Will the right to die become a duty to die? Credit: Photo by Mindful One on / CC BY-NC-ND

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Two Drews take on UQ’s student election

By Nick Ridley

A student, who legally changed his name to that of a suspended friend, says he will stand aside for his namesake if he wins the Presidency of The University of Queensland Senate.

UQ student, Taylor Wass, has legally changed his name to Drew Pavlou, after the original Mr Pavlou was suspended for his activism against the Chinese Government’s influence at the University.

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Australian businesses bucking the trend under COVID-19

By Matthew Simmonds

Some Australian businesses reported record-breaking sales numbers this year, both due to – or in spite of – the unprecedented impact of COVID-19.

Small businesses such as Beaudesert Gates & Steel recorded a sales spike in April, which owner, Greg Egan, said had not dropped.

“It just kept going, like, it was just amazing. I said, ‘well it’s gotta stop soon’, but soon still hasn’t come,” he said.

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Clouds loom over Brisbane businesses ahead of New Year’s Eve

By Jessica Perkins

Brisbane businesses are in limbo as they wait to hear whether this year’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display will go ahead.

The city’s celebrations usually bring in tens of thousands of visitors, but businesses fear revenue losses if the popular event is cancelled this year due to COVID-19.

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Entertainers suffer the blows of coronavirus

By Morgan O’Neill

The entertainment industry has been one of the hardest hit industries globally due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Because of the casual nature of much entertainment work many of the employees in this industry have been left jobless and forced to rely on jobseeker.

However, in recent weeks the industry and its workers have been slowly recovering.

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Racial justice protestors remain resolute during the pandemic

By Gwyn Lim

Racial justice protestors are calling for change in the face of COVID-19, with Brisbane seeing thousands protest for Black Lives Matter and Indigenous deaths in custody.

Rallies have not stopped amidst the pandemic as protestors say infection rates have stabilised and racial issues are too poignant to ignore.

Image of protestors at the Justice For Aunty Sherry protest on 18 September 2020.

Image of protestors at the Justice For Aunty Sherry protest on 18 September 2020. Credit: Keisha Leon

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