Anna Daniels

Anna Daniels

Current job
Roving Reporter, The Project, Network Ten.

Journalism (Major in Creative Writing) Graduated 2002.

First job
My first job after graduation was producing the Mornings program for ABC Capricornia, based in Rockhampton.

The story so far
After graduating from QUT, I landed an internship at 612 ABC Brisbane. This introduced me to the wonderful field of package making for radio, where you mix interviews with sfx and music to create colourful, atmospheric, radio pieces.

I then worked for two years in Rockhampton as a radio producer for ABC Capricornia. In regional ABC stations, you become a jack of all trades, so I was chasing and recording news interviews, producing, package making and field reporting.

It was during this time, in 2003, that I recorded an interview with Russell Crowe in Capella, west of Emerald. Russell was touring with his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, and a chance meeting saw me record an unprepared for and quite hilarious interview.

I sounded so ridiculous that I decided to turn it into a piece on ‘How Not to Interview Russell Crowe!’ It went on to win the ABC’s Comedy Segment of the Year Award in 2004 and was played nationally. I believe it is used in an instructional sense as part of QUT’s Journalism course!

Listen to the audio replayed on 612 ABC Brisbane

Rockin’ with Russ – the inside story!

Moving on from Rockhampton, I relocated to London in 2005-2006, working in a bookstore and travelling.

Keen for more adventure on my return, I moved with the ABC to Darwin, where I was field reporting and creating packages from the Tiwi Islands and remote Aboriginal communities throughout Arnhem Land.

It was in Darwin that I met a like minded comedy soul, now Melbourne comedian, Anne Edmonds. We decided that the Territory would be great for sketch comedy, and after much hard work and negotiating, were commissioned by the ABC to create their first online sketch comedy series, Tough at the Top.

It was a groundbreaking collaboration between ABC Radio, Online and TV, which saw Anne and I write, direct, produce and act in a sketch comedy series, set in the Northern Territory. One of our flagship sketches, ‘Raylene the Racist’ has had over 50,000 hits on YouTube.

With my passion for comedy well and truly kindled, I moved to Melbourne in 2009, where I initially produced Red Symons’ Breakfast Program on 774 ABC Melbourne. Producing this fast paced, metropolitan talk based program was a great experience, but the early starts were killers.

After six months, I moved across to the commercial world of TV production, employed as a researcher for Network Ten’s The 7pm Project. I then moved up the ranks to Associate Producer and Producer, but it was being in front of the camera that appealed to me. Filming a piece about my hometown, Rockhampton, during a break, I returned to Melbourne with footage of me presenting.

In early 2011, Rockhampton was hit with severe flooding, making national headlines. I realised I had already filmed a ‘feel-good’ story about Rockhampton, which could now be played in the context of giving the town a boost, post-flooding.

My bosses at The Project saw my piece and loved it. It went to air with great feedback, and I have since presented 14 stories for The Project. I continue to write, present, produce and direct my own stories for The Project.

Vimeo: Anna Daniels