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Ristevski receives nine years for manslaughter

Borce Ristevski has been sentenced to nine years jail, for the manslaughter of his wife Karen. But he could spend just a few years behind bars. Laura Lavelle reports.

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Ballarat on high alert as firefighters battle out of control blaze

An unseasonal heat wave in Victoria has sparked a fire emergency. Authorities are warning people to take extra care across the Easter weekend. Dom Fay reports.

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Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson charged with drug trafficking and possession

One of the AFL’s most decorated figues, has been charged with drugs trafficking and possession. Mark “Bomber” Thompson will face court again next month. Bridgette Vanderwolf reports.

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Victorian Premier drops Aboriginal welcoming speech

By Ella Feinberg Large, Alicia Bolton The compulsory Indigenous welcoming is no longer needed at official events because it is too politically correct, Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu says. The acknowledgment is used before every significant speech, noted by foreign dignitaries

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Tourism expert seeks reform of visa age requirements

By Frank Carmine, Madolline Gourley Members of the Australian Tourism Export Council have heard how making changes to working holiday visa requirements will make Australia a more attractive destination for visitors. The Backpacker and Youth Industry ConferenceĀ has beenĀ held in Airlie

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