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Ipswich councillors not backing down over corruption allegations

Some Ipswich Councillors have indicated they won’t back down over the corruption crisis now facing council. The Government plans to appoint an administrator, but has to give councillors a chance to reply. Ratepayers just want an end to it all.

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Queensland’s film industry gets $140 million federal boost

Soon it’ll be lights, camera, action on the Gold Coast “Glitter Strip”. The Turnbull Government has created a $140 million incentive to lure Hollywood blockbusters to Queensland. Gemma Niwa reports.

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Demand on the rise for electric bikes

Cycling has taken the world by storm. Now the electric bike is sweeping Brisbane. They cost as little as $20 a year to run, and are congestion busting. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Conservationists return serve over land clearing laws

Animal rights activists gathered outside Parliament House this morning, in a counter-protest to yesterday’s farmers’ rally. They say koalas are dying at an alarming rate, and without stronger environmental protection laws, they’ll become extinct. Gemma Niwa reports.

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Broncos stars return for Bulldogs clash

Star duo Andrew McCullough and Anthony Milford have been given the go-ahead to take the field in tomorrow night’s game against the Bulldogs. The addition has bolstered Brisbane’s chances against a lacklustre Bulldogs outfit. Toby Rowen reports.

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Carney calls it quits at Cowboys

In NRL News, Manly forward Jake Trbojevic has stood by his coach over the Jackson Hastings saga. Meanwhile, Todd Carney has called it quits for the Cowboys. Anna Eyears reports.

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Dirty donors dumping at charity shops

By Kaileigh Carew Produced for online by Jorja McDonnell Charity shops across the state are being used as dumping grounds for rubbish, which Queenslanders could quite easily dispose of themselves.

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Workers Memorial Day calls for safer worksites

Queensland workers want to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Unions say it is not efficient and they used Workers Memorial Day to ram home the point. Milly Dimitrijevic reports.

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A 40-year-old ICE addict’s road to recovery

Andrea Simmons had the perfect life. “I had the boat, the houses, the cars, the perfect kids and I always kept it together,” she says. That was all before she became an ice addict. Written by Annie Pullar

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Qld leads way for support of live music

By Batool Al Sallakh Produced for online by Emily Halverson Performance artists in Australia have struggled with support and recognition, but some states have stepped up their support for the art scene in their cities. While New South Wales and

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