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Queenslanders urged to get vaccinated after measles outbreak

Queenslanders are facing two distinct health issues this year. Flu and measles outbreaks are already worrying doctors. Laura Lavelle reports.

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Smokers could soon be paid to quit

By Bella Rigley, produced for online by Jessica Riga Australia is spending a total of $31.5 billion on the effects of smoking, but a new Tasmanian project thinks there is a more cost effective method for quitting, by offering small money

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Experts warn of unknown risks in popular e-cigarettes

By Kirsty Davis, produced for online by Jessica Riga With the popularity of electronic cigarettes at an all time high, major cigarette companies are progressively making the change after a huge increase in sales. But since the introduction of the

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Commission aims to tackle Queensland obesity

By Charlotte Tully Produced for online by Elisabeth Moss Queensland is set to launch the Healthy Future Commission in an attempt to combat the obesity crisis.

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One in six suffering chronic back pain

By Jesse Gentle Produced for online by Emily Halverson One in six Australians reportedly suffers from chronic back pain, but the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia hopes to raise awareness with Spinal Health Week.

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Private patients jumping the queue in public hospitals

By Reece D’Alessandro Produced for online by Emily Halverson Public hospitals are being accused of prioritising patients based on their wealth rather their clinical needs.

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New hope for diabetics

May 16, 2017 Melbourne researchers are uncovering new ways to reduce a diabetic’s risk of stroke and heart attack. The breakthrough has identified a potential treatment, which could help the 1.7 million Australians living with the chronic illness. Written by

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New weight loss solution labelled as “medical bulimia”

By Milyka McCutcheon Produced for online by Emily Halverson A new weight loss device is being considered as a potential solution for obesity in Australia.

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Bad news for people avoiding gluten because they think it’s healthier

By Melissa Mackay Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien Researchers in the United Kingdom have released the results of a 26-year study, saying gluten consumption has no adverse effects on health. The gluten-free fad has become one of the most popular

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Anti-vax movement blamed for spike in whooping cough cases

By Annalise Pennisi  Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien Thirty-seven new cases of whooping cough have been recorded in northern New South Wales as the anti-vax movement continues to grow around the country. Children living in popular holiday destinations such

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