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Facebook fake news fail

By Annelise Crilly Facebook has been accused of becoming a little too trigger-happy with their newly introduced fact-checking software. The social media giant has come under fire for flagging content which is clearly satire.

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Anti-vax movement blamed for spike in whooping cough cases

By Annalise Pennisi  Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien Thirty-seven new cases of whooping cough have been recorded in northern New South Wales as the anti-vax movement continues to grow around the country. Children living in popular holiday destinations such

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Retail woes as consumers flock to eBay and Facebook

By Ilana Morgan-Bolingford Traditional brick and mortar retail shops may be struggling in the current economic climate but online shopping has never been better off. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports Australian retail turnover rose 0.6 per cent in August

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Twitter trumps the rest

By Rachel Claxton Alice bucket list, these were the three words that overtook Twitter this week. This means nothing to the average person, but as an avid Twitter user, these words mean everything. It is in these three words that

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Younger generations using social networking to get into the music industry

By Alicia Ng Technology and the internet have received a lot of criticism from music industry heavyweights. Now the next generation have come forward saying the internet, in particular social networking, has its advantages for music.

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Police accused of overreaction on Facebook photo arrest

By Alicia Bolton Police were wrong in arresting a Fairfax journalist for receiving unlawfully obtained property, a Brisbane criminal defence lawyer said today. “There doesn’t seem to be any serious effort by police to detain the person who allegedly hacked

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