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Australia’s biggest morning tea could do with a few more blokes

By Joseph Lam Australia’s biggest morning was held at Stamford Plaza earlier today and while cancer does not discriminate on the basis of gender it appears morning teas still do. The annual event which raised $2.2 million last year and aims for

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Cancer survivors suffer workplace discrimination, report says

By Saskia Edwards. Edited for online by Rachel Riga. A nationwide survey of 550 cancer survivors has found a quarter of those diagnosed experienced discrimination in the workplace. The report from the McCabe Centre for Law shows cancer survivors feel

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Queensland researchers welcome brain cancer breakthrough

Mitchell Van Homrigh and Edited for online by Joshua Bristow The Queensland Institute for Medical Research has found exciting new results for Immunotherapy in a new trial that may help patients suffering from brain cancer.

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Finding a cure for cancer one step at a time

By Conor Tobin Twenty-year-old Jimmy Harrington is walking around Australia to raise money for cancer research. The idea came about in 2010 when Jimmy was fresh out of high school and working in a café.

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Coffee could prevent prostate cancer: study

By Briony Skinner, Sarah McVeigh Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in the United States say drinking coffee can reduce the risk of prostate cancer. The study monitored coffee consumption of more than 47,000 American men over a 22-year

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