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French President pays respects to Australian war casualties

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Australia for his first visit. He’s urged our Prime Minister to show the courage of his convictions in tackling climate change. Liam MacGillivray reports.

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Dirty donors dumping at charity shops

By Kaileigh Carew Produced for online by Jorja McDonnell Charity shops across the state are being used as dumping grounds for rubbish, which Queenslanders could quite easily dispose of themselves.

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Workers Memorial Day calls for safer worksites

Queensland workers want to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Unions say it is not efficient and they used Workers Memorial Day to ram home the point. Milly Dimitrijevic reports.

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ACCC hands out hefty fines

Australia’s Competition and Consumer Commission has flexed its muscles with $10 million fines for Telstra and Ford. It’s accused Ford of misconduct. Rory Scott reports.

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Aussie families surviving off $15 a day

Written by Elisabeth Moss     Australian families are struggling to put bread on the table, with some single mothers surviving off less than $15 a day. A new survey by the Salvation Army shows 69 per cent of their clients

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Archeologists find remote cave revealing early Indigenous occupation

Written by Annie Pullar Produced for online by Elisabeth Moss A team of 30 archeologists have found evidence of early Indigenous life in an island cave near north-western Australia.

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Jumping on board the recycling train

Australian Railways are on their way to getting an environmentally friendly upgrade. by Jenny Archdall Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien

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Budget set to boost funds for Australian veterans’ mental health

By Lexy Haggard Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien The Federal Government has promised $350 million in this year’s budget to assist with mental health services for Australia’s veterans. The multi-million-dollar package, confirmed by Minister for Veteran’s Affairs Dan Tehan to

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Finding a cure for cancer one step at a time

By Conor Tobin Twenty-year-old Jimmy Harrington is walking around Australia to raise money for cancer research. The idea came about in 2010 when Jimmy was fresh out of high school and working in a café.

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Chinese nuclear power raises concerns

By Rebekah Ison, Alicia Bolton Australia may soon need to buy nuclear reactors when China becomes the world’s lead suppler in nuclear technology, Ziggy Switkowski says. Mr Switkowski, former chair of the Australian Science and Technology Association, said nuclear power

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