Election Special: Electric Cars

The push for more electric vehicles has been a key part of Labor’s climate policies. But do they really live up to the green hype?

Chris Smith reports.

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Election Special: Economic Impact

The election has become a fight over the best plan for the economy and who will put more cash in your wallet. But different policies on penalty rates have worried workers and bosses alike.

Dominic Elsome reports.

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Election Special: Climate Change

From reef bleaching to mega bushfires and drought, climate change is already effecting our lives. But could it also effect the outcome of our federal election?

Isla Stanich reports.

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Election Special: Disability Factor

Australians living with disabilities have been demanding more commitment from both sides of politics. The battle for disability rights turned nasty early in the election campaign.

Georgie Hewson reports.

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Election Special: Seats to Watch

It’s bringing a new meaning to ‘hot seat’. With the pendulum in full swing for political parties, it seems Queensland will be the final election battle ground.

Laura Lavelle reports.

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QUT TV News – Thursday 16 May 2019

In this bulletin, our federal political leaders have made their final pitch to voters, ahead of Saturday’s election.

It’s been six chaotic months since Lime Scooters descended on Brisbane’s footpaths.

Science is taking “paw-sitive” strides for animals.

The heavy vehicle industry has shifted up a gear, at the Brisbane Truck Show.

And NRL star Clint Gutherson has re-signed with Parramatta for three years.

This edition of QUT News is brought to you by Tom Copley, Leanne Nebe and Daniele Antonaglia.

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Election Special: Young Voters

The 2019 election is set to be a close call. According to political analysts there are key issues dividing voters and generations.

Brigitte O’Brien reports.

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Election Special: Petrie Profile

It’s been dubbed the battle of Brisbane. The seat of Petrie, with a margin of just 1.6%, is held by a thread.

Leanne Nebe reports.

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Election Special: Gender Balance

In twenty-nineteen, gender equality remains an issue in many lines of work. In Politics, the imbalance is no different.

Tim Lofthouse reports.

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Election Special: Social Media

Gone are the days of advertising only on the TV and radio. Politians are picking up social media to engage with voters.

Laura Daly reports.

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