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Morrison says he’s got nothing to hide

A former diplomat warns Australia not to tell its U.S ally too much. But Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he has “nothing to hide” following his phone call with Donald Trump over the Russian probe. Lucy Loram reports.

Brisbane Airport’s new runway takes shape

Brisbane Airport’s new runway is expected to boost the economy by five billion dollars within a decade. It’s already ahead of schedule and under budget. Kelseigh Wrigley reports.

New study says red meat poses no health risks

It seems red meat isn’t as bad for you as previously thought. That’s the finding of a world wide study, yet some nutritionists are still advising caution. Lawrence Jeffcoat reports.

Morrison asked to help Trump

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been dragged into the scandal over the so-called Mueller report into the election of Donald Trump. Australia has confirmed the White House asked the Prime Minister for help. Tom Hainsworth reports.

Prime Minister hits back at climate critics

The Prime Minister hits back at critics of Australia’s climate change record. In a major speech to the UN, Scott Morrison was adamant Australia would meet all its climate commitments. Jakob Funk reports.

Ocean ecosystems are collapsing

Yet another report has warned that our oceans ecosystems are collapsing. Scientists say it could cause devastating problems for our coastal communities. Pagan Blight reports.

Drone technology to keep Australians safe

Drones can do all sorts of things, including keeping people safe. Now technology to help them spot crocodiles and protect swimmers, has been unveiled in Brisbane. Sam Wilson reports.

ScoMo speaks out on climate change debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be too anxious over climate change. His response follows scathing criticism of world leaders from a 16-year-old Swedish activist. Sam Wilson reports.

PM absent from UN Climate Summit as a teenager steals the show

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is resisting calls for Australia to make deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, he says China should be doing more on the problem. Mr Morrison’s now in New York for a meeting at the United

New study raises the alarm for vape users

A new study has raised the alarm around the safety of e-cigarettes. Researchers are now warning against the use of vapes, leaving local vendors fighting to keep their businesses afloat. Pagan Blight reports.