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New push for Eastern Busway

Communities in Brisbane’s east are hoping they’re not left out of tonight’s budget. Funding for the new Brisbane Metro north and south rail link has sparked new calls for better public transport in the eastern suburbs. Thomas McLaughlin reports.

Transport groups all aboard for $300 million Metro funding boost

By George Carrington, produced for Online by Naveen Razik The Brisbane Metro has been awarded a golden ticket from the Federal Government. Federal funding totalling $300 million is expected to be allocated to the Brisbane Metro development in tonight’s Federal Budget,

Demand on the rise for electric bikes

Cycling has taken the world by storm. Now the electric bike is sweeping Brisbane. They cost as little as $20 a year to run, and are congestion busting. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Water transport hubs planned for Brisbane River

New Farm Park and Dutton Park are set to become river hotspots. New Council developments will include docks for recreational and tourism boats, kayaks and water taxis. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Commuters asked to avoid deodorant after asthmatic suffers attack on train

  by Tomson Calland and Tim Shepherd Concerns have been raised about the use of deodorants and other perfumes in public after an asthmatic women suffered an attack on a a Brisbane train. Melody O’Brien has reached to out to

Cyclists boldly protest road safety

Cyclists staged a dramatic protest in South Brisbane this morning. They lay down on busy Vulture Street, pretending to die. But their peak hour stunt, sparked more anger from drivers. Anna McGraw reports.

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Why the cyclists ‘died’ on Stanley Street

By Jorja McDonnell Passionate protesters from the cycling community came out early this morning, in a show of solidarity among Brisbane riders who have been injured and killed on the city’s roads. It follows an incident on April 20 at

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Motorists vs. cyclists: the great Australian road war rages on

Sunshine Coast Council green cycle lane

By Natalie Brown Olympic gold medalist and Ambassador for South Australia’s Motor Accident Commission Anna Meares has kicked off Road Safety Week with a plea for better infrastructure on our roads, in order to protect both drivers and cyclists. In

Olympic cyclist says safety for all road users is paramount

It’s Yellow Ribbon Road Safety Week. And this morning, champion cyclist Anna Meares said it was up to authorities to ensure everyone on our roads stays safe. Madeline Escobar reports.

More hospital parking will come at a cost

Queensland Health has just announced new plans for parking at The Prince Charles Hospital, after years of angry complaints. But it will cost drivers. Kirsty Davis reports.

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