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Plane ‘Mayday’ surprise to passengers

Sydney’s international Airport went into full emergency mode this morning. A Boeing 787, carrying more than 200 people, sent a ‘Mayday’saying it could run out of fuel. Laura Lavelle reports.

Conjoined twins to be separated as early as next week

Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden could undergo surgery to separate them, as early as next week. Doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital are confident they can perform the operation successfully. Liam Morton reports.

‘Body Armour’ touted as hangover cure

With the festive season just around the corner, timing couldn’t be better for the launch of a new drink being touted as a ‘hangover cure’. A group of friends developed the beverage here in Brisbane, called ‘Body Armour’. James Hawes

Treasurer slams foreign transaction charges as a “rip-off”

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says Australians are still being ripped off by banks. He’s ordered an investigation into foreign currency fees. Jack Jones reports.

Australian doctors hopeful to separate conjoined twins in single operation

Conjoined twins from Bhutan have arrived in Melbourne for separation surgery. Nima and Dawa Peldan are joined at the stomach. Doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital will assess if the twins are viable candidates for the complex operation. Alice Leggett

ABC fallout continues as the PM nominates interim chair

Chaos continues in the upper echelon of the ABC with some calls for the whole board to be reviewed. Doctor Kirstin Ferguson, a current member and a professor at QUT business school, is set to become the interim chair. Kendyl

New tool reveals Australia’s cancer hotspots

Pioneering technology, developed in Brisbane, will help people fight cancer. The Australian Cancer Atlas offers an interactive look at national patterns surrounding the silent killer. Kendyl Bailey reports.

Hoover offers his paw for a cancer cure

Brisbane scientists are conducting a world first experiment to help diagnose, target and treat cancer. A 10-year-old dog battling prostate cancer has put his paw up for the job. Zakary Nash reports.

A glimpse of future tech on display

Australia’s major research think-tank, CSIRO, is unveiling its latest technology at the ‘Data 61 Live’ event in Brisbane. The free, two-day event explores the future of robotics, information technology and more. Rhys Court reports.

Transport groups all aboard for $300 million Metro funding boost

By George Carrington, produced for Online by Naveen Razik The Brisbane Metro has been awarded a golden ticket from the Federal Government. Federal funding totalling $300 million is expected to be allocated to the Brisbane Metro development in tonight’s Federal Budget,