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40 years on, Star Wars robots a reality

It’s 40 years, since ‘Star Wars’ first hit the silver screen, launching into our lives forever. Now robots like R2-D2 are no longer just a sci-fi fantasy. Lexy Haggard reports.

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Innovation and enterprise key to future jobs

By Megan Dennis Produced for online by Lily Nothling Will robots be taking over our jobs? Will the period of retirement be longer? What is the changing face of capitalism? These are just some of the questions experts will answer

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Queensland startup businesses share creativity at co-work precinct

The state government is encouraging Queensland startup businesses to exchange their technology and ideas. It wants them to use what’s called co-space to foster creativity. Lexi Kehl reports.

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New app detects termites

Written by Maudy Veltema Produced for online by Reece D’Alessandro You might not be able to hear termites devastating your walls, but a new app developed on the Gold Coast can. The Termite Buster app allows people to listen in

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Aussie kids are learning to code

By Milyka McCutcheon Produced for online by Emily Halverson Two hundred thousand Australian kids are set to learn the language of computer coding under a new computer education program.

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Virtual reality program simulates mental illness

A Queensland organisation is helping us understand what a mental illness feels like. It’s developed a virtual reality program for schools that simulates disorientation. Tamika Seeto reports.

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Safer bikes and healthier lives for Brisbane’s commuters

Brisbane’s humid climate and hilly landscape have until now discouraged the amount of people swapping their car for a more cost-efficient electric bike. However a change in the e-bike market could make roads safer for not only cyclists, but potentially all

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Scammers Turning To Social Media

By Jesse Gentle Produced for online by Emily Halverson Scammers are increasingly using social media and dating scams to target victims according to the latest Targeting Scams Report released for National Consumer Fraud Week.

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Great Barrier Reef expedition to map coral

In what could be a world first, marine scientists are mapping the entire Great Barrier Reef. It’s hoped the ‘big picture’ will restore the sensitive coral environment. Ashleigh Dwan reports.

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Sexting on the rise in digital society

Written by Annalise Pennisi Produced for online by Molly Houseman New figures show a surge in the number of children being cautioned for child exploitation materials, with our laws struggling to keep up with changes in technology. Nearly half of

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