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State Government pledges to bust road congestion

The State Government has pledged $12.5 million to bust congestion in Brisbane’s west. It’s part of a billion dollar project across the city, over the next four years. Sam Wilson reports.

Health experts concerned after increase in gastro cases

There’s an increasing number of gastro cases being reported. While health professionals are concerned, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself. Libby Hopper reports.

Brisbane residents submit ideas for Victoria Park’s redevelopment

Brisbane residents haven’t wasted any time in submitting their ideas for the Victoria Park redevelopment. Now Council just has to choose. But it’s not too late to have your say. Max Melit reports.

Court cans shark culling in Queensland

Shark culling will now be banned in the Great Barrier Reef marine park. A court has ruled it’s unnecessary. Georgia Collings reports.

Droughts won’t sideline mango sales this season

A taste of summer has hit supermarket shelves. The season’s first tray of mangoes sold for a juicy sum at Brisbane’s annual charity auction. But following the recent dry weather will there be enough to go around? Megan Rainbird reports.

Fire concerns rise as storms roll in

Tonight the relentless battle against fires in Queensland and New South Wales again dominates the news. Weary firefighters see no end in sight. Megan Rainbird reports.

Worry over water levels and dam delays

Given the current drought and wildfires the Federal Government is urging the eastern states to speed up the construction of dams. And not just for the regions already suffering. Max Melit reports.

Firefighters flock to Queensland to help bushfire efforts

There could be some storms on the way for Queensland but lightning strikes might make the fire situation worse. Three-thousand interstate firefighters are already here to help. Charles Dally-Watkins reports.

Double loss for Brisbane footy

The Ashes are on their way back to Australia after the cricket series, but Broncos players won’t be celebrating. They were knocked out of the finals in dramatic fashion. The Lions lost too. Max Melit reports.

Labor promises more funding for TAFE Queensland ahead of election

By Laura Daly Today on the campaign trail the Australian Labor Party has promised more money to vocational education and TAFE facilities. Deputy leader of the ALP Tanya Plibersek announced a $40 million plan to build a new campus at