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Top restaurants join Foodbank fundraiser to feed those in need

Some of Brisbane’s most exclusive restaurants are teaming up to help feed Queenslanders in need. The charity Foodbank is hosting a fine dining experience to raise money for the thousands of families across the state who go hungry every month.

Football hits a new pace in Queensland

A more relaxed approach to soccer. Football Queensland has officially launched their take on walking football. Jacob Condon reports.

Parties with reality TV stars planned for Schoolies

Partying in nightclubs with reality TV stars is not what you’d expect to see at Schoolies Week. But a new company wants to make it happen and parents are worried. Jasmine Borgeaud reports.

Prime Minister announces new support package for drought-stricken communities

The Prime Minister has urged farmers not to be too proud to ask for help. He’s announced a new support package for drought-hit communities across four states. But critics say, it’s too little, too late. Stella Reeve reports.

RSPCA campaigns for more dollar donations

Queensland’s RSPCA survives on donations and it needs more money. So for 24 hours sponsors will quadruple what ever the public puts in. Federica Willemsen reports.

Brisbane is Australia’s happy place

It’s often said we make our own happiness, and in Brisbane it seems we do a lot of it. A new report has revealed we’re the happiest in the country. Hannah Burstow reports.

Drivers feeling the squeeze as petrol prices soar

Queensland drivers are again feeling the pain at the petrol pump. Some servos inflated prices close to a $1.80 a litre and the RACQ says that’s highway robbery! Stella Reeve reports.

Brisbane’s notorious traffic hot spots up for an upgrade

Some of Brisbane’s most notorious traffic hotspots are in line for a significant upgrade. City Council’s has announced it is teaming up with Canberra to help bust congestion. Stella Reeve reports.

Drought-stricken farmers slam Government over “cash splash”

The state government has admitted it did no economic modelling on its $250 million “cash splash” for public servants. The move has been criticised by drought-stricken farmers and economists say Queensland won’t actually benefit. Georgie Hewson reports.

Busy bus routes leave passengers behind

Brisbane students say they’re being left behind because of overcrowding on buses. More than 2,000 buses skipped their stops just last month because they were too full. Kristen Camp reports.