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Children’s hospital gets new name

The debate over a new name for Lady Cilento hospital has ended. It’s to be known as the Queensland Children’s Hospital. But there’s anger over the half million dollar cost of the exercise. And it’s a bitter pill, for members

Commonwealth steps up to help strawberry growers

The fruit sabotage crisis continues to worry government. The Prime Minister has labelled the perpetrators “cowards and grubs” and joined Queensland in offering a one million dollar assistance package to growers. Chris Smith reports.

Fruit sabotage saga hits hard

A powerful message today, about the tragedy of the fruit sabotage saga. A Queensland farming family released a video of them dumping their entire strawberry stock. The State Government has announced financial help for growers but it may be too

Broncos women have their eyes on top prize

Women’s NRL Premiership front runners, the Brisbane Broncos, are gearing up for the game that could cement their perfect season. The Broncos women’s side will play in Melbourne this Friday against the New Zealand Warriors, and they’re hoping to walk

Authorities meet to plan for summer storm season

State and federal authorities met in Brisbane this afternoon, to plan for the busy Summer storm season. They’re looking at better ways to manage the natural disasters that can cause millions of dollars damage to Queensland homes and businesses, every

Koalas caught in the middle of bushland dispute

The Federal government and a local Council are arguing over one of Birkdale’s last pieces of bushland. And a koala population is caught in the middle. Daneka Hill reports.

Glamping is bringing a bit of ‘sparkle’ to the campsite

Glamping – it’s camping with a touch of bling. And now it comes with wine as well. Kaileigh Carew reports.

Broncos ready ahead of Saturday’s clash

The Broncos are raring to go, ahead of this weekend’s double-header event at Suncorp Stadium. Brisbane is looking to seal their sixth win against injury-plagued Manly. Thomas McLaughlin reports.

Messy play day leaves tiny tots smiling

Hundreds of tiny tots ran amuck this morning in a special event involving messy play. Slime, paint and mud left the little ones grubby but happy. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Federal budget gets luke warm welcome at Brisbane breakfast

The 2018 Budget is being called a ‘crowd pleaser’ at a post-Budget breakfast in Brisbane this morning. But some say Queenslanders have been gypped. Teagan Matthew reports.