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Brain training to prevent dementia

Queensland researchers believe they may be able to delay the onset of dementia. They’re even hoping that ultimately they can prevent it. Tomson Calland reports.

Commuters asked to avoid deodorant after asthmatic suffers attack on train

  by Tomson Calland and Tim Shepherd Concerns have been raised about the use of deodorants and other perfumes in public after an asthmatic women suffered an attack on a a Brisbane train. Melody O’Brien has reached to out to

How Science inspired GOMA’s largest ever exhibit by a single Australian artist

By Tim Shepherd  Internationally renowned artist Patricia Piccinini hopes her collection of life-like human-hybrid sculptures will inspire a discussion about the impacts of gene-editing and stem cell research. For the first time ever, the entire ground level of Brisbane’s Gallery

Security concerns rise ahead of Richard Dawkins’ Australian visit

By Tomson Calland, produced for online by Jessica Riga Concerns surrounding security are growing when evolutionary biologist and celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins visits Brisbane this month ahead of his lecture Science in the Soul. The controversial figure promotes free speech

Experts warn of unknown risks in popular e-cigarettes

By Kirsty Davis, produced for online by Jessica Riga With the popularity of electronic cigarettes at an all time high, major cigarette companies are progressively making the change after a huge increase in sales. But since the introduction of the

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Fisherman discharged from hospital after close encounter with deadly octopus

by Max Eagles, produced for Online by Naveen Razik. A lucky fisherman has been discharged from hospital after a close encounter with a deadly blue-ringed octopus near the Great Barrier Reef. The 21-year-old was bitten on the finger while raising

Is the ultimate athlete a reality?

Just how far can the human body go? In their ongoing quest for sporting greatness, athletes are turning more and more to science for answers. Beatriz Alonso reports.

The secrets to living longer

The secrets to living longer came under the microscope today as experts shared the latest developments in chasing longevity. Claire Boughey reports.

Close encounter with the missing score

We go behind the scenes to be the first to hear a missing piece of music from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. As the music has its world premiere at the World Science Festival. Leia Comegna reports.

Science comes to the streets at the World Science Festival in Brisbane

Southbank became a giant outdoor laboratory today as science came to the streets. Future scientists and inventors got to try out first hand the latest scientific discoveries. Naveen Razik reports.