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Specialist food company sells its flavour creations to the world

One of Queensland’s most successful food and drinks manufacturers has cornered a special market. Now Flavour Creations is exporting to the world. Aleesha Buckby reports.

Kids get planting for Arbour Day

School kids across Queensland got their hands dirty today. All in the name of saving our environment. They were planting trees in recognition of Arbor Day. Josh Stengert reports.

Girls night in for cancer fundraiser

It’s a way to raise money for cancer, from the comfort of your own home. The Cancer Council is hosting its annual ‘Girls Night In’ this month. Grab your friends, stay in and donate any money that you would have

Spaniels to sniff out water leaks

In a Queensland first, two dogs have been recruited to work for Urban Utilities. Their job, to sniff out costly underground water leaks. Georgie Nichols reports.

Opposition pledges to reform pre-school subsidies

Bill Shorten has positioned education at the forefront of Labor’s election pitch.┬áThe Opposition Leader has promised an extra $1.7 billion to pre-school education. Claudine Blondeau reports.

Free green bins ready for summer storms

Brisbane residents are being encouraged to clean up their yards for storm season. The City Council has cut green waste costs for October, so more people can recycle. Norma Hilton reports.

Conjoined twins to be separated as early as next week

Conjoined twins Nima and Dawa Pelden could undergo surgery to separate them, as early as next week. Doctors at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital are confident they can perform the operation successfully. Liam Morton reports.

‘Body Armour’ touted as hangover cure

With the festive season just around the corner, timing couldn’t be better for the launch of a new drink being touted as a ‘hangover cure’. A group of friends developed the beverage here in Brisbane, called ‘Body Armour’. James Hawes

Australian doctors hopeful to separate conjoined twins in single operation

Conjoined twins from Bhutan have arrived in Melbourne for separation surgery. Nima and Dawa Peldan are joined at the stomach. Doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital will assess if the twins are viable candidates for the complex operation. Alice Leggett

Australia’s Biggest Duck Race hoping for record research donations

Brisbane’s CBD turned yellow today for Australia’s Biggest Duck Race. Money from the event goes to cancer research. Alex Brewster reports.