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Innovation and enterprise key to future jobs

By Megan Dennis Produced for online by Lily Nothling Will robots be taking over our jobs? Will the period of retirement be longer? What is the changing face of capitalism? These are just some of the questions experts will answer

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New app detects termites

Written by Maudy Veltema Produced for online by Reece D’Alessandro You might not be able to hear termites devastating your walls, but a new app developed on the Gold Coast can. The Termite Buster app allows people to listen in

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New hope for diabetics

May 16, 2017 Melbourne researchers are uncovering new ways to reduce a diabetic’s risk of stroke and heart attack. The breakthrough has identified a potential treatment, which could help the 1.7 million Australians living with the chronic illness. Written by

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Woodford Folk Festival to cap numbers

The Woodford Folk Festival has announced a cap on the number of attendees as well as increasing ticket prices for this year’s festivities. By Caitlin Archbold Produced for online by Natalie O’Brien

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Tassie Devils get a second chance

Written by Renee Borgeaud Produced for online by Jessica McGrath A cure may be at hand for Tasmanian Devils with studies finding a breakthrough in the Devil Facial Tumor Disease which has threatened the population for more than 10 years.

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Digging up the past with National Archaeology Week

Written by Ben Downie Produced for online by Jessica McGrath Today marks the beginning of Australia’s National Archaeology Week held in museums and universities across Australia. The Australian Archaeological Association launched the celebrations this morning at the Queensland Museum.

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Anaesthetists address the elephant in the room

They look after us when we’re sick, but what happens when those who care for us are suffering themselves? An industry conference in Brisbane is encouraging doctors to speak up on mental health. Lily Nothling reports.

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Protesters question Adani mine clean-up plan

Written by Maudy Veltema Produced for online by Reece D’Alessandro Mine rehabilitation plans for the proposed Carmichael Coal Mine in central Queensland, could pose a risk to the environment and ultimately the tax payer, according to anti-mine group Lock the

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New weight loss solution labelled as “medical bulimia”

By Milyka McCutcheon Produced for online by Emily Halverson A new weight loss device is being considered as a potential solution for obesity in Australia.

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Crafty researcher taps into better beer

The craft beer trend is making waves across the nation. Now one Brisbane university researcher is taking it to the next level. He’s attempting to develop a real home grown brew. Samantha Reynolds reports.

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