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Prime Minister announces new support package for drought-stricken communities

The Prime Minister has urged farmers not to be too proud to ask for help. He’s announced a new support package for drought-hit communities across four states. But critics say, it’s too little, too late. Stella Reeve reports.

Prime Minister hits back at climate critics

The Prime Minister hits back at critics of Australia’s climate change record. In a major speech to the UN, Scott Morrison was adamant Australia would meet all its climate commitments. Jakob Funk reports.

Canberra legalises personal cannabis use

The ACT has officially legalised cannabis for personal use. But the move may be challenged by the Federal Government. Elizabeth Neil reports.

Brisbane’s war on mosquitoes

Brisbane Council has begun another war on disease carrying mosquitoes and it has a new weapon in the fight. Jakob Funk reports.

ScoMo speaks out on climate change debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be too anxious over climate change. His response follows scathing criticism of world leaders from a 16-year-old Swedish activist. Sam Wilson reports.

PM absent from UN Climate Summit as a teenager steals the show

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is resisting calls for Australia to make deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, he says China should be doing more on the problem. Mr Morrison’s now in New York for a meeting at the United

Brisbane’s notorious traffic hot spots up for an upgrade

Some of Brisbane’s most notorious traffic hotspots are in line for a significant upgrade. City Council’s has announced it is teaming up with Canberra to help bust congestion. Stella Reeve reports.

Drought-stricken farmers slam Government over “cash splash”

The state government has admitted it did no economic modelling on its $250 million “cash splash” for public servants. The move has been criticised by drought-stricken farmers and economists say Queensland won’t actually benefit. Georgie Hewson reports.

Busy bus routes leave passengers behind

Brisbane students say they’re being left behind because of overcrowding on buses. More than 2,000 buses skipped their stops just last month because they were too full. Kristen Camp reports.

State Government pledges to bust road congestion

The State Government has pledged $12.5 million to bust congestion in Brisbane’s west. It’s part of a billion dollar project across the city, over the next four years. Sam Wilson reports.