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Shorten showers more tax cuts in the short term

Labor Leader Bill Shorten has promised voters double the tax cuts of the coalition, but only in the short term. In his Budget Reply speech he slammed the government for taking aim at young and old Australians. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Koalas caught in the middle of bushland dispute

The Federal government and a local Council are arguing over one of Birkdale’s last pieces of bushland. And a koala population is caught in the middle. Daneka Hill reports.

Bill Shorten under fire as citizenship saga continues

The Government’s budget pitch has been overshadowed by the resignation of four Labor MPs with dual citizenship. Now Labor leader Bill Shorten is under fire. Daneka Hill reports.

Citizenship scandal claims more victims

A High Court decision took centre stage on day one of the Federal Budget sell. This morning, the court ruled dual British citizenship means one Labor Senator loses her seat. And in a House of tumbling cards, more soon got

Taxes, aged care and infrastructure: the headlines of the Federal Budget

Middle income families are the key winners in this year’s Federal budget. With a new seven year personal tax plan the central pillar of the document. But the opposition says, results are not coming quick enough. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Federal budget gets luke warm welcome at Brisbane breakfast

The 2018 Budget is being called a ‘crowd pleaser’ at a post-Budget breakfast in Brisbane this morning. But some say Queenslanders have been gypped. Teagan Matthew reports.

Redlands residents left shocked after budget release

There was a major shock in last night’s Budget for residents of the Redlands, east of Brisbane. A large parcel of land, supposedly earmarked for a future university will now be sold by the Federal Government to developers. Tomson Calland

Final farewell for former Deputy Premier

Hundreds of Queenslanders have said their final goodbyes to former Deputy Premier Terry Mackenroth. The 68-year-old was honoured at a state funeral today in Brisbane, the service moving the current Premier to tears. Grant Hayes reports.

Treasurer makes final pitch before budget release

Treasurer Scott Morrison is promising tax relief for Australians and more money for aged care and infrastructure in tonight’s federal budget. There is concern the budget may not contain enough saving measures to reduce our debt. Claire Boughey reports.

Queensland lobby groups hold out hope for budget

Queensland lobby groups are waiting with baited breath to see what the Federal Budget has in store. Key stakeholders shared their hopes ahead of the reveal of the all important document. Lauren Reddiex reports.