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Election campaign winds down for Easter break

It’s been revealed that the 2019 election will cost taxpayers three-hundred-million dollars. The electoral commissioner says that’s good value, working out to about eighteen dollars per voter. And on the campaign trail, both Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten had economic

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Christensen travel furore overshadows campaign pledges

Australia’s leaders are getting down and dirty on the campaign trails. They are attacking each other over taxes. Laura Lavelle reports.

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Local gas production made available for Queenslanders

Good news for consumers of natural gas. You now have a guaranteed supply which is only for sale, right here in Australia. Liam Lo Grande reports.

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Major parties target marginal seats

There’s no let up in the intensity of the Federal election campaign. Both of the major parties are targeting marginal seats and talking health and funding. Beatriz Alonso reports.

One Nation support slump provides major party boost

Australia’s major political parties have received a pre-election boost with support for One Nation waning. Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten are now trying to bolster support in Victoria. Shelley Cheng reports.

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Bosnian War Refugee Calls for Islam Education following Christchurch Massacre

Written by Laura Lavelle Imagine fleeing the place where you grew up – the place where you took your first steps, spoke your first words and created your first memories. Imagine practicing peace and tolerance your whole life, but being

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Invisible on Campus

Young man sits at the top of a high set of stairs staring thoughtfully down at the camera.

BRISBANE, QLD, __ When getting to know Will Kroger, people learn very quickly to speak clearly and talk facing their body toward him. The reason is, Will reads lips to compensate for his hearing impairment. At 30-years-old, he may be

Sunny state favours sugar tax

There’s growing community support for the introduction of a sugar tax, according to the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation. A new survey has found most people are in favour of a 20 per cent levy on sugary drinks. Manille

Turnbull’s son urges voters to swing away from Liberals

Malcolm Turnbull’s son has spoken out against the Liberal party. He’s called on voters to record a ‘protest’ in the by-election for his father’s former seat. Josh Stengert reports.

State Government backs eco-trails to boost tourism

The State Government is pushing ahead with new plans to focus on eco-tourism. It’s hoping to build three new bushwalks across the state to attract tourists to see more of Queensland’s natural beauty. Tom Fleming reports.