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$150 million support for Indigenous families

There are far more indigenous Queensland children needing state protection than any other group. So in a bid to close the gap, the state government is going to do more to keep Aboriginal and Islander families together. It believes it

World’s oldest hafted-axe found in Western Australia

  By Hannah Kotaidis edited for online By Jacob Miley A fragment from an edge-axe, believed to be on of the world’s oldest tools, has been discovered in the remote Kimberly region. The axe’s age coincides with the arrival of

Queensland government announces multi million dollar action plan for indigenous families

By Keira Wallace The Queensland government announced today it would spend $150 million over the next five years in a plan to better support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. The action plan, which includes a heavy focus on indigenous

Federal election campaign kicks off in Queensland

Both houses of Federal Parliament were officially dissolved this morning, signalling the start of the eight-week election campaign. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are in highly-contested marginal seats hoping to win over crucial Queensland votes. Education, youth unemployment and asylum

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Indigenous history behind QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct

The transformation of Kelvin Grove into a modern university-based urban village, continues to evolve. The centre piece is QUT’s new $80 million Creative Industries Precinct Stage 2. It’s an impressive building designed to cater for drama, arts and music. It’s

Aboriginal elder hailed a hero

An Aboriginal elder has been praised a hero, after finding a man missing in remote Western Australia. He tracked him down, based on just one footprint. Annaliese Laracy reports.

QUT’s hidden war history

There’s a secret hidden behind QUT’s spectacular new $80 million creative arts complex. It’s part of a century-old army barracks. The buildings have been restored and re-purposed to take on a new life for students instead of soldiers. Tobi Loftus

QUT News G20 Special – Wrap and review

Our special wrap up of the G20 global summit with QUT News reporters Vanessa Wolfe, Joseph Cooney, Celeste Skinner, Jim Malo, Georgia Terry, Jacinta Lal and Whitney Angell.

QUT News G20 Special – Sunday 16 November 2014

Welcome to our fourth QUT News special on the G20, the global summit that will showcase Brisbane to the world, brought to you by a team of journalism students from QUT. As the G20 summit in Brisbane draws to a

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Police pleased protests remained peaceful

Despite the heat protestors took to the streets in final G20 demonstrations. The largest was an indigenous rally where Australian flags were burned. Georgia Terry reports.

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