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Politicians put differences aside to raise a cuppa to fight cancer

Queensland Parliament House is raising awareness for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It’s a fundraising event that’s brings people together, to raise awareness for cancer. Chris Smith reports.

Brisbane’s shot to beat the flu season

It’s that time of year again. As Queenslanders struggle to shrug off the summer flu, health authorities are urging residents to get their vaccinations now, with the winter season almost upon us. Luca Ikesu-Ling reports.

Boost in junior numbers signing up to rugby league

And finally what sport do you want your child to play? Parents have been turning away from the more physical contact sports like Rugby League but there’s a big push to get them back. Aleisha McLaren reports.

Major parties target marginal seats

There’s no let up in the intensity of the Federal election campaign. Both of the major parties are targeting marginal seats and talking health and funding. Beatriz Alonso reports.

Think tank drones down on ways to improve outback health care

The Royal Flying Doctor Service wants to use drones to improve rural health care. It believes they could carry things like snake anti-venom, or even transport patients eventually. Hannah Donnelly reports.

Sick kids get Easter treats

Now a bright light during a dark period for sick kids. They’ve enjoyed a little fun with the Easter bunny and chocolates galore. Shelley Cheng reports.

Queenslanders urged to get vaccinated after measles outbreak

Queenslanders are facing two distinct health issues this year. Flu and measles outbreaks are already worrying doctors. Laura Lavelle reports.

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Dairy free eggs resurrect Easter for vegans

With more people turning away from meat and animal products supermarkets are beginning to change some staples. This Easter they’re offering new styles of chocolate. Georgie Hewson reports.

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Combating the loneliness epidemic in our older generations

By Laura Daly Getting older is unavoidable. For many people, ageing will inevitably lead to a variety of physical health problems. The physical impacts of getting older are something we come to expect. But poor mental health as we age

Sunny state favours sugar tax

There’s growing community support for the introduction of a sugar tax, according to the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation. A new survey has found most people are in favour of a 20 per cent levy on sugary drinks. Manille