Category: Health

Brisbane’s cycling infrastructure in need of a “massive boost”

Twelve thousand cyclists end up in hospital each year. The startling number of injuries has triggered calls for new driver education. Alana Riley reports.

Could robots replace surgeons?

You’ve heard of driverless cars but how do you feel about driverless surgery? Medical researchers are working on robots, to take the place of doctors. Jessica Rendall reports.

Advocates push for changes to NDIS

Politicians of all persuasions have backed the National Disability Insurance Scheme. But advocacy groups are demanding urgent changes. Chris Smith reports.

Facebook bans Breast Cancer awareness ads

Facebook is under fire after banning an Australian Breast Cancer advertisement. The social media group says it won’t accept the level of nudity in the content. Jessica Rendall reports.

Hospital talent show raises funds for sick kids

One of Australia’s great charities, the Starlight Children’s Foundation, is trying to raise more money. As part of that sick children have been showcasing their talents. Ivy Mullins reports.

Election campaigning heads to the Apple Isle

Party leaders could cross paths this week as their campaign trails head south. They’re both in Tasmania with the Prime Minister discussing an overhaul of the PBS and the Opposition leader promoting clean energy. Alana Riley reports.

Politicians put differences aside to raise a cuppa to fight cancer

Queensland Parliament House is raising awareness for Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. It’s a fundraising event that’s brings people together, to raise awareness for cancer. Chris Smith reports.

Brisbane’s shot to beat the flu season

It’s that time of year again. As Queenslanders struggle to shrug off the summer flu, health authorities are urging residents to get their vaccinations now, with the winter season almost upon us. Luca Ikesu-Ling reports.

Boost in junior numbers signing up to rugby league

And finally what sport do you want your child to play? Parents have been turning away from the more physical contact sports like Rugby League but there’s a big push to get them back. Aleisha McLaren reports.

Major parties target marginal seats

There’s no let up in the intensity of the Federal election campaign. Both of the major parties are targeting marginal seats and talking health and funding. Beatriz Alonso reports.