Category: Health

Almost 200 deaths in Queensland’s worst flu season

The staggering impact of flu in Queensland, 191 people have died in the worst season ever and that’s four times as many as last year. Federica Willemsen reports.

LifeFlight gets high-tech simulator for medical crews

One of Queensland’s busiest helicopter rescue services is finding more ways to save lives. The RACQ’s LifeFlight is training medical crews under extreme conditions. Jacob Condon reports.

New study says red meat poses no health risks

It seems red meat isn’t as bad for you as previously thought. That’s the finding of a world wide study, yet some nutritionists are still advising caution. Lawrence Jeffcoat reports.

Feel Good free fitness classes on offer

Free fitness classes are on offer across Brisbane and they are being promoted as the key to a better quality of life. Lucy Loram reports.

Football hits a new pace in Queensland

A more relaxed approach to soccer. Football Queensland has officially launched their take on walking football. Jacob Condon reports.

Canberra legalises personal cannabis use

The ACT has officially legalised cannabis for personal use. But the move may be challenged by the Federal Government. Elizabeth Neil reports.

Brisbane’s war on mosquitoes

Brisbane Council has begun another war on disease carrying mosquitoes and it has a new weapon in the fight. Jakob Funk reports.

Australian teens consume too much sugar

Australian teenagers love sugary drinks too much. A new study reveals one-in-six teens consume more five kilograms of sugar every year from sweet beverages alone. Federica Willemsen reports.

New study raises the alarm for vape users

A new study has raised the alarm around the safety of e-cigarettes. Researchers are now warning against the use of vapes, leaving local vendors fighting to keep their businesses afloat. Pagan Blight reports.

Health experts concerned after increase in gastro cases

There’s an increasing number of gastro cases being reported. While health professionals are concerned, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself. Libby Hopper reports.