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Humble cuppa raises thousands for cancer research

Brisbane morning tea lovers are on a mission to help fight cancer. Already they’ve raised $700,000 for the Cancer Council and there’s more to come. Sarah Cawte reports.

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Australia’s biggest morning tea could do with a few more blokes

By Joseph Lam Australia’s biggest morning was held at Stamford Plaza earlier today and while cancer does not discriminate on the basis of gender it appears morning teas still do. The annual event which raised $2.2 million last year and aims for

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New Indigenous suicide prevention app launches GoFundMe campaign

By Charlotte Tully Online production by Joseph Lam A new suicide prevention app for Indigenous people is seeking funding via a GoFundMe page with plans to have it on the market by the end of the year.

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Long commutes bad for mental health report finds

By Tamika Seeto Online production by Joseph Lam It’s not just traffic jams and smelly train passengers that can start your morning off badly. A new study has found longer work commutes can increase your risk of stress and depression.

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Red Cross calls for donors as winter blood supplies dwindle

By Sam Reynolds Produced for online by Lily Nothling Australia has just two days of blood supply left, and the Red Cross are urging volunteers to get back in the chair.

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Commission aims to tackle Queensland obesity

By Charlotte Tully Produced for online by Elisabeth Moss Queensland is set to launch the Healthy Future Commission in an attempt to combat the obesity crisis.

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Black lung a concern for Adani Mine, doctors and union say

Written by Ben Downie Produced for online by Lily Nothling Doctors have protested outside the Commonwealth Bank in Sydney, demanding it rule out financial support for Adani’s Carmichael Mine in Queensland.

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Advocates call for Royal Commission into treatment of people with disabilities

Written by Batool Al Sallakh Produced for online by Lily Nothling More than 100 top academics from around the country have penned a letter to Malcolm Turnbull calling for a Royal Commission into violence against people with disabilities. Doctors and

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A 40-year-old ICE addict’s road to recovery

Andrea Simmons had the perfect life. “I had the boat, the houses, the cars, the perfect kids and I always kept it together,” she says. That was all before she became an ice addict. Written by Annie Pullar

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Former ice addict dedicated to educating others

Alarming new figures show a 480 per cent increase, in the presence of methamphetamine in Brisbane’s waste water. Now, community groups are leading the fight against the ice epidemic. Kristopher Anderson reports.

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