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Blood donations strengthen community ties

An Islamic group south of Brisbane, is helping boost blood supplies at the Red Cross. Their donation drive is all about strengthening community ties. Nicole Wong reports.

Hoover offers his paw for a cancer cure

Brisbane scientists are conducting a world first experiment to help diagnose, target and treat cancer. A 10-year-old dog battling prostate cancer has put his paw up for the job. Zakary Nash reports.

Bikes take to Brisbane’s brand new BMX track

Brisbane now boasts a new facility for adrenaline sports. The multi-million dollar B-M-X track is expected to be a hit with families. Tim Lofthouse reports.

Questions raised over aged care royal commission

The newly announced royal commission into Australia’s aged care industry is under fire from within its own ranks. The Morrison Government’s Aged Care Minister Ken Wyatt today said a royal commission is a waste of time and money. Madison Brown

Brain training to prevent dementia

Queensland researchers believe they may be able to delay the onset of dementia. They’re even hoping that ultimately they can prevent it. Tomson Calland reports.

Messy play day leaves tiny tots smiling

Hundreds of tiny tots ran amuck this morning in a special event involving messy play. Slime, paint and mud left the little ones grubby but happy. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Telstra outage creates crisis for emergency services

It’s been a frustrating and worrying day for emergency workers, Telstra and Australians facing a crisis. Triple zero calls across the country have been failing, and the only advice has been try again. Anna McGraw reports.

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Demand on the rise for electric bikes

Cycling has taken the world by storm. Now the electric bike is sweeping Brisbane. They cost as little as $20 a year to run, and are congestion busting. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Candlelight vigil remembers domestic violence victims

The tormented lives of thousands of domestic violence victims have been remembered in Brisbane. The candlelight vigil begins a month of focus on the issue. Max Eagles reports.

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Dairy dodgers say SOY-onara to good health

By Kaileigh Carew Edited for online by Claire Boughey Dieticians are recommending those who steer clear of having cows’ milk in their morning coffee, should eat other foods rich in iodine to avoid problematic thyroid function. As the trend of