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Great Scott! The future is now

The future has finally arrived. Brisbane movie buffs have been celebrating “Back to the Future” day. On this date, the main character played by Michael J Fox arrived from the past in a De Lorean time machine. Brent Gray reports.

Steer sale for prostate cancer

A Brisbane hotel well known for its consumption of beef today had “live” cattle on the menu. The Brekky Creek hosted a charity auction, to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Adriana Mageros reporting.

Mango auction a sweet success

Nothing screams summer like fresh, golden, juicy mangoes. Early this morning a huge crowd turned out at the annual charity auction of the season’s first mango tray. Claire Overell reports.

Colouring books see more adults inking pages

By Rebecca McDonough Edited for online by Tobi Loftus Colouring books are no longer just for kids. Colouring books for adults are in high demand and have been linked to stress relief. ANZ, Westfarmers and Bupa are reportedly giving colouring

What’s on this weekend

Despite the rain, there are plenty of weekend events around the city. Joshua Bristow brings us a few of them.

G20 leaders inspire Brisbane’s burger business

If all the G20 doom and gloom is hard for you to swallow, you can sink your teeth into a world leader inspired burger instead. Jim Malo reports.

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Cuddly locals entertain G20 spouses

The G20 isn’t all about the world’s most influential political figures. Today, their spouses stepped out for a meet and greet at Lone Pine Sanctuary. Vanessa Wolfe reports.

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Protesters build momentum for G20

In response to the trickle of world leaders descending into Brisbane, a torrent of protesters have hit the street with their own agenda. Hundreds of people rallied against Aboriginal deaths in custody, with tempers often flaring under the close watch

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A super cheap ad

Six QUT film students have won $20,000 after creating a new ad for Supercheap Auto. As part of the prize they had their ad broadcast to the two million viewers of Bathurst on the weekend. Lucy Smith reports.

A purr-fect deal

What started as a joke has ended with a Melbourne family making quite a profit on the sale of their home. But the added extra in the deal, is not what you would expect! Mercy Bass Reports.

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