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Dairy free eggs resurrect Easter for vegans

With more people turning away from meat and animal products supermarkets are beginning to change some staples. This Easter they’re offering new styles of chocolate. Georgie Hewson reports.

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Messy play day leaves tiny tots smiling

Hundreds of tiny tots ran amuck this morning in a special event involving messy play. Slime, paint and mud left the little ones grubby but happy. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Sea World celebrates World Penguin Day

You might not know it, but tomorrow is World Penguin Day and celebrations have already kicked off at Seaworld. Elke Bowman reports.

Vegans pledge war on Bunnings’ sausage sizzles

By Cayla Marchant Online production by Joseph Lam Despite media reports of not-so-happy customers being served vegan sausages at one Bunnings store in Melbourne, an online petition calling for a permanent vegan option has received more than 5000 signatures. The petition which

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Pyjama party raises funds for cancer

Many women would hate to be seen in an upmarket hotel in their PJ’s – it’s just not the done thing! But if it raises money for cancer prevention, why not? And that’s what dozens of women have done. Talissa

Cult comedy consumes audiences

What do you get when you combine unrequited love with a blood-thirsty plant? It’s the gleefully gruesome cult musical comedy, Little Shop of Horrors. Julia Wighton reports.

Battle for Brisbane town crier

Brisbane finally has an official town crier. The winner was selected after the final contestants competed in a cry-off in King George Square. Lewis Wiseman reports.

Audiences expected to fall in love with science at ‘Light Falls’ show

By Tegan Atkins Brisbane’s World Science Festival kicked off last night with a stunning and captivating performance of Light Falls: Space, Time and an Obsession of Einstein.

Great Scott! The future is now

The future has finally arrived. Brisbane movie buffs have been celebrating “Back to the Future” day. On this date, the main character played by Michael J Fox arrived from the past in a De Lorean time machine. Brent Gray reports.

Steer sale for prostate cancer

A Brisbane hotel well known for its consumption of beef today had “live” cattle on the menu. The Brekky Creek hosted a charity auction, to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Adriana Mageros reporting.