Category: Environment

Brisbane’s war on mosquitoes

Brisbane Council has begun another war on disease carrying mosquitoes and it has a new weapon in the fight. Jakob Funk reports.

ScoMo speaks out on climate change debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has urged Australians not to be too anxious over climate change. His response follows scathing criticism of world leaders from a 16-year-old Swedish activist. Sam Wilson reports.

Brisbane locals boost recycling

They were forced to do away with single use bags, but now Australia’s supermarkets are battling plastic pollution enthusiastically. One of them has collected the equivalent of the world’s circumference in waste. Kristen Camp reports.

Spider senses running rife in new exhibit

If you’re afraid of spiders you should turn away. No not really, these ones are mostly behind glass in a new exhibition at the Queensland Museum. Elizabeth Neil reports.

PM absent from UN Climate Summit as a teenager steals the show

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is resisting calls for Australia to make deeper cuts to greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, he says China should be doing more on the problem. Mr Morrison’s now in New York for a meeting at the United

Thousands of students at Brisbane climate strike

Students have joined forces across the country to demand action on climate change. Thousands of people turned out in Brisbane. Ha-Teya Gripske reports.

Brisbane residents submit ideas for Victoria Park’s redevelopment

Brisbane residents haven’t wasted any time in submitting their ideas for the Victoria Park redevelopment. Now Council just has to choose. But it’s not too late to have your say. Max Melit reports.

Court cans shark culling in Queensland

Shark culling will now be banned in the Great Barrier Reef marine park. A court has ruled it’s unnecessary. Georgia Collings reports.

Droughts won’t sideline mango sales this season

A taste of summer has hit supermarket shelves. The season’s first tray of mangoes sold for a juicy sum at Brisbane’s annual charity auction. But following the recent dry weather will there be enough to go around? Megan Rainbird reports.

Fire concerns rise as storms roll in

Tonight the relentless battle against fires in Queensland and New South Wales again dominates the news. Weary firefighters see no end in sight. Megan Rainbird reports.