Category: Environment

Founder visits festival favourite

It’s probably the biggest draw card of the festival. The annual turtle hatching, providing a rare and up close glimpse of nature at work. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Meter to reveal real UV ray dangers

A 22-year-old Engineering student developed a device to bring us one step closer to beating skin cancer. Already, it’s earned the approval of health experts. Sheridan Ireland reports.

Turnbull sells “game-changing” energy policy

The Prime Minister is facing an uphill battle to get all the states to support his new energy plan. It’s also under fire from the Opposition. Naveen Razik reports.

Home owners helped to bin green waste for free

City Hall is urging home owners to get rid of green waste this weekend – for free. It comes as emergency services continue preparing for another dangerous storm season. Naveen Razik reports.

Energy prices the focus for Federal Parliament

Federal cabinet has discussed a national energy policy. Among the key issues energy prices, reliability and renewable energy, and a new report says consumers need to say no to bad deals from retailers. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Turn it off – and get paid!

Homeowners in three states could be paid for turning off appliances during periods of high power demand. The Commonwealth is offering rebates on their bills in a bid to prevent Summer power outages. Zak Adkins reports.

Air-conditioning debate starts heating up

Queenslanders are being urged to go easy on the air-con this summer to guarantee power supply. The State Government is confident our electricity network can cope with peak demand. But they say we can help ease the load and save

New concerns raised over ‘excessive’ tree-clearing

The State Government has raised new concerns about what it’s described as “excessive” tree-clearing across Queensland. A new report claims almost 4,000 hectares were cleared last financial year. But the farmers’ lobby group AgForce begs to differ. Ashlee Press reports.

Redcliffe foreshore gets revamp

Plans have been unveiled for a dramatic new redevelopment of the Redcliffe foreshore. It includes including an inflatable water park off the coast. But not everyone is in favour of the project. Charmaine Mifsud reports.

Brisbane Airport leads world with aircraft biofuel

Brisbane Airport will become one of the first in the world to provide biofuel. Virgin Australia will trial the sustainable fuel source over the next two years, and it could save up to 80 per cent on carbon emissions. Ben