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Authorities meet to plan for summer storm season

State and federal authorities met in Brisbane this afternoon, to plan for the busy Summer storm season. They’re looking at better ways to manage the natural disasters that can cause millions of dollars damage to Queensland homes and businesses, every

Koalas caught in the middle of bushland dispute

The Federal government and a local Council are arguing over one of Birkdale’s last pieces of bushland. And a koala population is caught in the middle. Daneka Hill reports.

South East Queensland braces for sudden cold snap

By Liam MacGillivray, produced for Online by Naveen Razik. A cold snap is set to sweep across the South East, with temperatures to plummet this weekend. So far in 2018 autumn has been quite warm with temperatures well above average,

Water transport hubs planned for Brisbane River

New Farm Park and Dutton Park are set to become river hotspots. New Council developments will include docks for recreational and tourism boats, kayaks and water taxis. Alice Sinclair reports.

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Cyclists boldly protest road safety

Cyclists staged a dramatic protest in South Brisbane this morning. They lay down on busy Vulture Street, pretending to die. But their peak hour stunt, sparked more anger from drivers. Anna McGraw reports.

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Conservationists return serve over land clearing laws

Animal rights activists gathered outside Parliament House this morning, in a counter-protest to yesterday’s farmers’ rally. They say koalas are dying at an alarming rate, and without stronger environmental protection laws, they’ll become extinct. Gemma Niwa reports.

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French President pays respects to Australian war casualties

French President Emmanuel Macron is in Australia for his first visit. He’s urged our Prime Minister to show the courage of his convictions in tackling climate change. Liam MacGillivray reports.

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Queensland farmers outraged at proposed land-clearing laws

Hundreds of farmers picketed State Parliament today, over proposed new land-clearing laws. The farmers say the laws are unfair and will ruin their livelihoods. But green groups are applauding the changes. Gemma Niwa reports.

Aussies urged to go vegetarian for a month

Written by Kirsty Davis. Produce for online by Beatriz Alonso Montalvo Thousands of Australians are expected to ditch meat from their diet for 31 days starting tomorrow. With more than two million Australians already vegetarian, No Meat May campaign Co-Founder

Brisbane City Council faces battle over plan to transform Oxley Creek into massive parklands

by Naveen Razik One of Brisbane’s most polluted waterways is set to be transformed into a thriving parkland precinct, under a new master plan released by the Lord Mayor. Councillor Graham Quirk on Thursday launched the draft master plan for the