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Queen’s Wharf development to boost Brisbane

The man in charge of Brisbane’s biggest development project says it’s both a challenge and a joy to work on what will be a major tourist attraction. Simon Crooks spoke to QUT students about the new Queens Wharf and the

Construction begins on south-east Queensland’s newest university campus

Construction began today on south-east Queensland’s newest university campus. It will provide much-needed opportunities for young people in one of our fastest growing corridors. Chris Smith reports.

Brisbane’s new riverfront park will be a ‘must-see’ destination

The final piece of turf has been laid at Brisbane’s newest green space, as the Howard Smith Wharves development nears completion. The Council says the new riverfront park will be a ‘must-see’ destination. Daniele Antonaglia reports.

Glamping is bringing a bit of ‘sparkle’ to the campsite

Glamping – it’s camping with a touch of bling. And now it comes with wine as well. Kaileigh Carew reports.

Queensland lobby groups hold out hope for budget

Queensland lobby groups are waiting with baited breath to see what the Federal Budget has in store. Key stakeholders shared their hopes ahead of the reveal of the all important document. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Queensland’s film industry gets $140 million federal boost

Soon it’ll be lights, camera, action on the Gold Coast “Glitter Strip”. The Turnbull Government has created a $140 million incentive to lure Hollywood blockbusters to Queensland. Gemma Niwa reports.

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Rockpool taps into Brisbane beer house

Sydney hospitality juggernaut, Rockpool Dining Group, is ramping up in Queensland. It’s opening three new restaurants and employing 200 people. Bridgette Vanderwolf reports.

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Workers Memorial Day calls for safer worksites

Queensland workers want to scrap the Australian Building and Construction Commission. Unions say it is not efficient and they used Workers Memorial Day to ram home the point. Milly Dimitrijevic reports.

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Construction workers mourn colleagues and fight ABCC in Brisbane.

By Tim Shepherd Hundreds of construction workers downed tools and gathered to mourn colleagues who died on the job before International Workers Memorial day.

Holden factory closes ending car production in Australia

It’s the end of an era in car manufacturing. Holden has put on the brakes in Australia. Sheridan Ireland reports.