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Holden factory closes ending car production in Australia

It’s the end of an era in car manufacturing. Holden has put on the brakes in Australia. Sheridan Ireland reports.

Jobs announced for redundant meatworkers

Hundreds of Ipswich meat workers who recently lost their jobs are now facing a brighter future. The State Government has joined forces with a major food processing company to offer new hope to worried families. Charlotte Hartshorne reports.

Home renovators face real risk of lung cancer

Tradies and home renovators exposed to silica dust are at greater risk of developing lung cancer. The Cancer Council says workers who breathe in the fine particles every day, are particularly vulnerable. Tom Copley reports.

New miners memorial for Redbank

Queensland miners who died at work have been honoured with a new permanent memorial. More than a thousand people attended the unveiling at Ipswich, including relatives and workmates, of those who perished. Georgia Garland reports.

Brisbane’s first flower festival comes to South Bank

Flower power is blooming at Brisbane’s South Bank. While it’s the city’s first flower festival, an old favourite remains as popular as ever. Noor Gillani reports.

Innovation and enterprise key to future jobs

By Megan Dennis Produced for online by Lily Nothling Will robots be taking over our jobs? Will the period of retirement be longer? What is the changing face of capitalism? These are just some of the questions experts will answer

One in four families are struggling to feed their children

More people in Queensland are living closer to the bread line than ever before. A new Salvation Army report indicates some families are struggling even to put food on the table. Lexy Haggard reports.

Adani coal mine put on hold indefinitely

The $21 billion Adani coal project has been the focus of state politics, with concerns it may now collapse. If so, that would be a vital blow to Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. Joseph Ogilvie reports.

New monitoring process for fatal lung disease

The health of Queensland coal miners will be more closely monitored for the deadly black lung disease. And everyone who works at the coal face will be tested. Andy Leung reports.

Program gives country kids big break

Written by Lexi Kehl Produced for online by Reece D’Alessandro A new music program aimed at helping country kids get a break in the music industry has been launched in Brisbane. Brisbane company SugarRush Music is behind  “Big Sky Girls”