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Rocketeers ready for blast-off

A group of budding scientists is ready for blast-off. The ‘UQ Space’ crew are gearing up for Australia’s only rocket competition. Laura Lavelle reports.

A Dangerous Disconnect

With the largest road cycling event South East Queensland has ever undertaken just a few weeks away, the hype around pedalling road users is at an all-time-high. But the number of aggravated incidents targeting cyclists is also on the rise,

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FUTURE-PROOFING THE PLANET: The Importance of Leading By Example

By Isla Stanich For a long time, we’ve known in order to create lasting change, it’s important we pass messages and values along to the next generation. Today’s youth are the world’s future’s leaders, and it’s inevitable they’ll inherit a

Invisible on Campus

Young man sits at the top of a high set of stairs staring thoughtfully down at the camera.

BRISBANE, QLD, __ When getting to know Will Kroger, people learn very quickly to speak clearly and talk facing their body toward him. The reason is, Will reads lips to compensate for his hearing impairment. At 30-years-old, he may be

The Deadly Science program helping to resource remote Indigenous schools

By Alexis Moran Deadly Science is a program helping to resource remote Indigenous children with books and knowledge at their schools. The program was developed by a young Indigenous animal technician and science communicator from the University of Sydney, Corey

Sunny state favours sugar tax

There’s growing community support for the introduction of a sugar tax, according to the Cancer Council and the Heart Foundation. A new survey has found most people are in favour of a 20 per cent levy on sugary drinks. Manille

Shorten in Brisbane to bolster Labor’s $14-billion schools pledge

The Opposition Leader was in Brisbane this morning, to sell his $14-billion State Schools election pledge. But that message was somewhat overshadowed, by the Prime Minister’s announcement of business tax cuts. Leanne Nebe reports.

Students udged to stay safe for Schoolies

Grade 12 students right across the country are counting down their last few weeks of school. The Queensland Government is almost as busy with preparations well underway for a safer season of Schoolies celebrations. Anna Graham reports.

The Wunderbar with no beer

There wasn’t a drop of beer on offer, but thousands attended an Oktoberfest event at Brisbane showgrounds today. It’s part of German Week and gives a younger generation a taste of European life. Josh Stengert reports.

Boxing buzz takes the sting out of stress

The sport of boxing is undergoing a major revival, with new clubs popping up all over the state. Now, university students in Brisbane are jumping into the ring to stay fit and healthy and, to de-stress. Georgie Hewson reports.