Category: Crime

Lord Mayor wants residents to ‘dob in a dumper’

Brisbane City Council has launched a major crackdown on illegal dumping. A hundred new hidden cameras will help catch the city’s worst offenders in the act. Tom Fleming reports.

New mum allegedly stalked before murder

A Wollongong woman found murdered in her home overnight, was being stalked before her death. Kristie Powell had told friends she repeatedly contacted police about her fears, but no action was taken. James Hawes reports.

Stats show P-platers still see the need for speed

The RACQ has revealed shocking new statistics showing many of Queensland’s most inexperienced drivers have been caught speeding.┬áMore than 200,000 learner and P-plater drivers have been fined in just a few years. Alice Leggett reports.

Police pay tribute to fallen comrades

It’s been a solemn day for police around the nation. They’ve paused to pay tribute to fallen officers, as one of their own fights for his life. Missy Drage reports.

Banks harshly criticised by interim royal commission findings

It’s probably going to be harder to get a home loan from today. The banking royal commission handed down its interim report and banks will surely tighten their lending requirements. Brigitte O’Brien reports.

Queensland police officer critically injured by stolen car

A Queensland police officer is fighting for his life after being hit by a stolen car. He was trying to lay out spikes that puncture car tyres. Isla Stanich reports.

Police announce speed camera blitz across the state

Queensland drivers be warned. Police are getting even tougher on speeding with new cameras at high-risk intersections state-wide. Cynthia Taylu reports.

Video showing emus being rundown leaves the RSPCA sickened

The RSPCA has vowed to take action after a disturbing video emerged online. It showed a man deliberately driving over emus killing at least 10 of the native birds. Susan Li reports.

Queenslanders warned to be wary of card skimming

Police are warning Queenslanders to be wary of card skimming after seizing fake ATM covers in what they say is the latest racket. A foreign student has been charged with 61 card skimming offences across Brisbane. James Kleeman reports.

Fruit sabotage saga hits hard

A powerful message today, about the tragedy of the fruit sabotage saga. A Queensland farming family released a video of them dumping their entire strawberry stock. The State Government has announced financial help for growers but it may be too