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Ekka sundaes sold to help strawberry farmers

Brisbane is in for a sweet treat, a hundred volunteers are gearing up to sell the Ekka’s famous strawberry sundaes. The pop-up store in King George Square will help farmers regain hope, and save the massive waste of strawberries. Madison

Tough new penalties passed for fruit tampering

So-called “food terrorists” now face between 10 to 15 years behind bars. Parliament passed the tough new penalties in less than four hours. Madison Brown reports.

Smaller retailers doing it tough

Empty shopfronts have become a common sight around Brisbane, sparking concerns of a retail downturn. Experts say the increasing vacancy rate represents a significant change in the retail world. James Kleeman reports.

Queenslanders warned to be wary of card skimming

Police are warning Queenslanders to be wary of card skimming after seizing fake ATM covers in what they say is the latest racket. A foreign student has been charged with 61 card skimming offences across Brisbane. James Kleeman reports.

Commonwealth steps up to help strawberry growers

The fruit sabotage crisis continues to worry government. The Prime Minister has labelled the perpetrators “cowards and grubs” and joined Queensland in offering a one million dollar assistance package to growers. Chris Smith reports.

Brisbane’s new riverfront park will be a ‘must-see’ destination

The final piece of turf has been laid at Brisbane’s newest green space, as the Howard Smith Wharves development nears completion. The Council says the new riverfront park will be a ‘must-see’ destination. Daniele Antonaglia reports.

Safety first when buying cars for kids

The RACQ has a hit list of what it believes are the deadliest second-hand cars on the market. The motoring body has released its annual ‘best and worst’ used cars report. More than one hundred failed the safety test. Laura

Fruit sabotage saga hits hard

A powerful message today, about the tragedy of the fruit sabotage saga. A Queensland farming family released a video of them dumping their entire strawberry stock. The State Government has announced financial help for growers but it may be too

A glimpse of future tech on display

Australia’s major research think-tank, CSIRO, is unveiling its latest technology at the ‘Data 61 Live’ event in Brisbane. The free, two-day event explores the future of robotics, information technology and more. Rhys Court reports.

New centre set to spark science interest

Brisbane has a brand new Sciencentre with a brand new name – ‘SparkLab’. The $9.5 million renovation is the first in 14 years. Laura Fell reports.