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Latest rail fail takes Commonwealth Games target off track

The Queensland Government is in damage control today, after one of the state’s shiny new trains derailed near Ipswich yesterday. The trains are already behind schedule and urgently needed on track in time for next year’s Commonwealth Games. Chloe Wilshire

Holden factory closes ending car production in Australia

It’s the end of an era in car manufacturing. Holden has put on the brakes in Australia. Sheridan Ireland reports.

Queenslanders struggling to make ends meet

Queenslanders struggling to make ends meet are being offered free financial advice. The Salvation Army says basic budgeting measures can help ease financial stress. Sheridan Ireland reports.

Child poverty on the rise in Queensland

The Australian Council of Social Services says child poverty is getting worse. A major conference in Brisbane heard an alarming number of young Queenslanders are living below the poverty line. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Energy prices the focus for Federal Parliament

Federal cabinet has discussed a national energy policy. Among the key issues energy prices, reliability and renewable energy, and a new report says consumers need to say no to bad deals from retailers. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Food Bank desperate for donations as demand for service rises

Imagine you’re a parent and you have to decide between power and food for your family. That’s the reality for the 430,000 Queenslanders living below the poverty line. Lily Greer reports.

Jobs announced for redundant meatworkers

Hundreds of Ipswich meat workers who recently lost their jobs are now facing a brighter future. The State Government has joined forces with a major food processing company to offer new hope to worried families. Charlotte Hartshorne reports.

Cheaper health insurance for young Australians

It’s being called the biggest health shake-up in decades. And the main aim getting young people to take up health insurance. James Ives reports.

New drink promises to make you PERKii

A health drink scientifically developed in Brisbane has won major government funding. The probiotic drink, called ‘PERKii’, could soon be available in shops across the country. Andy Strudwick reports.

KAP fails to stop tougher gun laws for Queensland

Katter’s Australian Party has failed to stop plans for tougher gun laws in Queensland. The gun at the centre of the debate is a lever-action shotgun, a powerful weapon that fires and reloads instantly. James Ives reports.