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Festival 2018 continues to wow Gold Coast crowds

Festival 2018 is wowing Gold Coast crowds and it’s only halfway through. Holly Parkinson reports.

Festival 2018 brings family friendly fun

The Commonwealth Games’ Festival 2018 has seen Surfers Paradise buzzing from the early morning and into the night. Claire Boughey reports.

Women of the World can do anything

Women of the World is also part of Festival 2018. “Wow” celebrates women from across the Commonwealth. And its message? Girls can do anything. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Indigenous culture takes centre stage at Festival 2018

Indigenous culture took centre stage on the first full day of Festival 2018. The two week program is showcasing the talent and stories of Queensland’s artistic community. Michael McGuane reports.

QUT Radio News – Commonwealth Games Special – Thursday 5 April 2018

Welcome to the latest of our special reports on the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Some shocking news as an Australian great pulls out of the Games at the last minute, but we also got our first medal. High hopes

Close encounter with the missing score

We go behind the scenes to be the first to hear a missing piece of music from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”. As the music has its world premiere at the World Science Festival. Leia Comegna reports.

Science comes to the streets at the World Science Festival in Brisbane

Southbank became a giant outdoor laboratory today as science came to the streets. Future scientists and inventors got to try out first hand the latest scientific discoveries. Naveen Razik reports.

The mysteries of mummies unwrapped

They may be thousands of years old but our fascination with mummies isn’t going away. Leia Comegna reports.

Founder visits festival favourite

It’s probably the biggest draw card of the festival. The annual turtle hatching, providing a rare and up close glimpse of nature at work. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Quantum physics for babies

It’s probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about children’s favourite story books. One scientist thinks quantum physics is just the perfect topic for babies. Jorja McDonnell reports.