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The Ozzie Sound Podcast

A podcast by Charlie Dally-Watkins. The Ozzie Sound Podcast aims to find out the story behind the sound of the bands we all love. In this episode, host Charlie Dally-Watkins aims to shed a light on how musicians and artist

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Sustainability Simplified

A podcast by Dominique Tassell. Sustainability Simplified is a podcast where two 20-somethings discuss sustainability in the big picture. We aim to take the mass amounts of information out there and simplify it for listeners. In this episode, we tackle

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More Than a Pretty Face

A podcast by Paige Van Lunteren What does it mean to be “Australia’s most beautiful, talented, educated and confident young woman?” Over the next few epsiodes I’ll be talking to contestants, organisers, winners and judges. In this first episode of

How to Survive as a Journalist

A podcast by Jack Ryan. How to Survive as a Journalist looks into the world of journalism and aims to shed light on an industry facing a myriad of obstacles and challenges. In the first week of the podcast your

The Evolving Mind: understanding depression and mental illness

A podcast by James Stephens. As Queensland’s Mental Health Week 2020 fast approaches (10-18 October), Brisbane evolutionary psychologist, John Hannan, talkes to us about the human mind to better understand the root causes of depression and suicide. John – a

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In plain sight: how we missed the decline of the platypus

Words: Holly Payne | Illustration: Mitchell Pascoe

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Video shows more of Sydney’s deadly shootout

New security video shows just how close two Sydney police officers came to death. The officers were just a car length away from shooter Daniel King, when he opened fire on them. Lucy Loram reports.

Queensland expecting extreme heatwave next week

Queenslanders should prepare for an early glimpse of Summer next week. Temperatures in the South-East are expected to be 11 degrees above the Spring average. Lachlan Cross reports.

CBD halted in climate change cycle protest

Climate activist group Extinction Rebellion has disrupted traffic in Brisbane for the third time this week. The two-wheeled protest took over Victoria Bridge, the same spot where a young demonstrator suspended herself from a bamboo tripod on Monday. Lawrence Jeffcoat

Frydenberg on drought tour for farmers

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has conceded climate change is contributing to the worst drought in memory. He’s been touring drought stricken areas around Warwick and is promising more help for farmers. Lucy McCrossan reports.