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Four children and three adults found dead on remote WA property

The tragic deaths of four children and three adults in Margaret River, Western Australia. They died on a farm, in what’s thought to be a murder suicide case. Claire Boughey reports.

Wild and wooly weather hits south-east Australia

Australia’s Southern states are battening down the hatches. Wild weather has lashed New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, with heavy rain, flooding and snow in some parts. Teagan Matthews reports.

Shorten showers more tax cuts in the short term

Labor Leader Bill Shorten has promised voters double the tax cuts of the coalition, but only in the short term. In his Budget Reply speech he slammed the government for taking aim at young and old Australians. Lauren Reddiex reports.

Koalas caught in the middle of bushland dispute

The Federal government and a local Council are arguing over one of Birkdale’s last pieces of bushland. And a koala population is caught in the middle. Daneka Hill reports.

Brain training to prevent dementia

Queensland researchers believe they may be able to delay the onset of dementia. They’re even hoping that ultimately they can prevent it. Tomson Calland reports.

Glamping is bringing a bit of ‘sparkle’ to the campsite

Glamping – it’s camping with a touch of bling. And now it comes with wine as well. Kaileigh Carew reports.

Tough tipple for beer judges

It’s a tough day at the office for some particularly those judging the Australian International Beer Awards. There were 2,000 entries from 40 countries. Georgia Indian reports.

Broncos ready ahead of Saturday’s clash

The Broncos are raring to go, ahead of this weekend’s double-header event at Suncorp Stadium. Brisbane is looking to seal their sixth win against injury-plagued Manly. Thomas McLaughlin reports.

Bill Shorten under fire as citizenship saga continues

The Government’s budget pitch has been overshadowed by the resignation of four Labor MPs with dual citizenship. Now Labor leader Bill Shorten is under fire. Daneka Hill reports.

Southern states set for Antarctic snap

A cold snap is bringing wintery scenes and blustery weather to some southern states. And eventually some of it will make its way to Brisbane for our first real chill of Autumn. Georgia Indian reports.