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Festival 2018 continues to wow Gold Coast crowds

Festival 2018 is wowing Gold Coast crowds and it’s only halfway through. Holly Parkinson reports.

Festival 2018 brings family friendly fun

The Commonwealth Games’ Festival 2018 has seen Surfers Paradise buzzing from the early morning and into the night. Claire Boughey reports.

Elijah shows his winning streak

Elijah Winnington is staying humble after winning Commonwealth Games gold at just the age of 17. The Gold Coast swimmer recorded the fastest split as our men’s four-by-two relay team clinched Australia’s sixteenth gold in the pool. Naveen Razik reports.

Public transport winning the way to the Games

There are fresh calls for everyone to see the Commonwealth Games via public transport. Chloe Wilshire reports.

Frayne takes a long jump to Commonwealth Games

It’s one giant leap for QUT student Henry Frayne at this years Commonwealth Games, as the long jumper prepares for the track and field. Dominic Shumilin reports.

Women of the World can do anything

Women of the World is also part of Festival 2018. “Wow” celebrates women from across the Commonwealth. And its message? Girls can do anything. Jorja McDonnell reports.

Indigenous culture takes centre stage at Festival 2018

Indigenous culture took centre stage on the first full day of Festival 2018. The two week program is showcasing the talent and stories of Queensland’s artistic community. Michael McGuane reports.

Big thumbs up for Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The Commonwealth Games are now officially up and running and the rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of hundreds of fans who watched the opening event on beach-side screens. Claire Boughey reports.

Brisbane Airport embraces the GC Games

With more than 6,600 athletes from 71 nations coming to South-East Queensland, and tens of thousands of tourists, it’s no wonder airports around the south-east are chokkas. Ashlee Press reports.

Queen’s baton arrives on Gold Coast shores

Seventy countries. Three hundred and eighty eight Days. Two hundred and thirty thousand kilometres. From the gates of Buckingham Palace, to the Gold Coast’s golden beaches. The Queen’s baton is now on the final legs of its global tour. Dominic