Author: Vanessa Wolfe

Students protest in class production

Students at QUT involved in a protest, but not what you think.

QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus looked like an industrial battlefield for a few hours today. Seemingly angry and aggressive students chanted protest slogans and left onlookers wondering what all the fuss was about. Laura English reports.

Queensland steps up for domestic violence

A record number of Brisbaneites spoke with there feet overnight supporting an end to domestic violence. Their walking marathon is called Darkness to Daylight. It’s 110 kilometres long, one kilometre for each person who will die every year as a

Petition to improve domestic violence prosecution

Rosie Batty is campaigning for changes to help combat domestic violence.

Former Australian of the Year Rosie Batty continued her campaign against domestic violence in Brisbane. Her 11 year old son was killed by his father. Now she’s spearheading a national campaign for major changes to Family Law. Rosie Kirby reports.

Carton and Collingwood ready for clash

The longest rivalry in AFL’s history is on once again this weekend with Carlton taking on Collingwood. And in NRL, the Australian squad is gearing up for a great clash with the Kiwis. Lewis Wiseman reports.

Turnbull Government delivers first budget

Having an economy thriving off innovation rather than resources has been one of the goals of this year’s budget. The Government says average Australians will benefit from stronger economic growth rather than handouts. Ashleigh Whittaker reports.

Budget blasted for being ‘bland’

The budget has delivered for small business and the jobless young. But critics say it will hit families and students hard. Scott Morrison’s budget has been called ‘bland,’ ‘not enough’ and the dawn of a ‘class war’. Rosie Kirby reports.

Pitt displeased, wants more from Morrison

So what does the budget mean for Queensland? The Queensland Government didn’t expect a lot from Scott Morrison’s first budget and its expectations were met. Treasurer Curtis Pitt is upset the word ‘Queensland’ was not mentioned once during last night’s

Palmer not running for Fairfax in Federal election

Clive Palmer has announced he’s quitting his seat of Fairfax. But now there’s speculation he has the Senate in his sights, although the normally outspoken MP was pretty coy on that. Jacob Miley reports.

Burst water main stalls Melbourne commuters

As if Melbourne’s wild weather yesterday didn’t stir up enough of a storm. A water main burst in the city’s north this morning, creating havoc for morning commuters. Laura English reports.

Eels’ slippery salary cap scandal

The NRL has accused Parramatta’s salary-cap masterminds of being in denial. Today, they stripped all the Eels twelve competition points accrued this year, and slapped them with a one million dollar fine. The Club breached its salary cap in five