Author: Timothy Shepherd

Telstra outage creates crisis for emergency services

It’s been a frustrating and worrying day for emergency workers, Telstra and Australians facing a crisis. Triple zero calls across the country have been failing, and the only advice has been try again. Anna McGraw reports.

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Landmark news agency to shut down

Fans of one of Brisbane’s landmark businesses have lost their battle. Rankins news agency will leave its City Mall location by the end of the month to make way for disabled lifts to the busway below. Madeline Escobar reports.

Queensland meat royalty crowned at EKKA festival

Beef, more beef, and a little bit of lamb. The nation’s best steak and lamb have been crowned at the EKKA’S Food and Wine Show. Liam MacGillivray reports.

Thousands expected at Buddha’s birthday celebration

Brisbane is about to celebrate Buddha’s birthday with one of the largest festivals in the world. South Bank is the place to be for a weekend of festivities. Toby Rowen reports.

Commuters asked to avoid deodorant after asthmatic suffers attack on train

  by Tomson Calland and Tim Shepherd Concerns have been raised about the use of deodorants and other perfumes in public after an asthmatic women suffered an attack on a a Brisbane train. Melody O’Brien has reached to out to

Peppa Pig stirs controversy both home and abroad.

By Rory Scott and Tim Shepherd Children’s television show Peppa Pig has attracted criticism overseas and in Australia, but for entirely different reasons. In China, the popular British show has garnered itself a cult following among millennials. Fans satirise the

Indigenous artists suffer from overseas fakes and underpayment

By Lucy Czerwinski and Tim Shepherd First Nations artists are calling for consumer law reform to prevent the importation of fake Indigenous art. Indigenous Art Code estimates that up to 80 per cent of all Indigenous souvenirs are manufactured overseas

How Science inspired GOMA’s largest ever exhibit by a single Australian artist

By Tim Shepherd  Internationally renowned artist Patricia Piccinini hopes her collection of life-like human-hybrid sculptures will inspire a discussion about the impacts of gene-editing and stem cell research. For the first time ever, the entire ground level of Brisbane’s Gallery

Domestic violence report shows 40 per cent of victims suffer brain injury

By Daneka Hill and Tim Shepherd.  Almost half of hospitalised domestic violence victims suffer from brain injuries, a recent study has found. A Monash University report examined hospitalisations over a 10 year period finding 40 per cent suffered some form

Construction workers mourn colleagues and fight ABCC in Brisbane.

By Tim Shepherd Hundreds of construction workers downed tools and gathered to mourn colleagues who died on the job before International Workers Memorial day.