Author: Tegan Atkins

Rural Discovery Day inspires the next generation

By Tegan Atkins A fun-filled and interactive Queensland rural day hopes to inspire kids to choose agricultural jobs in the future.

Desexed dogs less likely to bite

Written by Sam Mortimer, edited for online by Tegan Atkins A desexed dog is less likely to bite and attack than a dog still with its bits. In fact a new report claimed the risk of dog bites decreased by

Humble Australian sea snail may hold key to curing cancer

Written by Paxton Roth, edited for online by Tegan Atkins Chemicals from the White Rock sea snail found along Australia’s east coast may hold the key to treating cancer. A compound from the egg masses of the marine mollusc was

RACQ calls for Queensland to ban Wicked slogans

Written by Samantha Cheney, edited for online by Tegan Atkins Wicked Campervan is under fire accused of breaching advertising standards. The RACQ has called on the state Government to ban Wicked Campervan’s derogatory slogans from the state’s roads. This call followed

Man arrested for plotting terrorist attack in Sydney

An 18-year-old was arrested in Sydney this morning for planning an “imminent” terrorist attack. Attorney-General, George Brandis, said the teenager was allegedly in the process of getting a firearm when he was arrested. Sophia Wray reports.

Police raise rainbow flag for LGBTI community

Queensland police are flying the flag for the lesbian, gay and trans-gender community. A service today celebrated International Day Against Homophobia, highlighting one of its own officers. Adriana Mageros reports.

Gearing up for Broncos Cowboys clash

Rugby league fans in Queensland are eagerly anticipating what’s expected to be another epic encounter. Defending NRL Premiers, the Cowboys, will host the ladder leading Broncos on Friday night. Damon Ryan reports.

Australian music industry on mission to #SaveOurSounds

The local music industry was left reeling after Sounds Australia missed out in this year’s round of Federal funding for Arts and Culture. Australian Artist Manager Laura Willbridge has started a petition on in a mission to save the Australian music industry.

Cancer Council urges Queensland Government to support smoking age ban

Written by Catherine Butt, edited for online by Tegan Atkins Cancel Council Queensland has called for people born after 2001 to never be allowed to smoke cigarettes.

Dying mangroves leaves scientists searching for answers

Written by Julia Wighton, edited for online by Tegan Atkins Scientists worried about “unprecedented” deaths of mangroves in northern Australia are deeply concerned and searching for answers. Scientists did not know why the extensive damage, spanning from the southern fringe