Author: Samuel Mortimer

International Nurses Day sees QLD debate nurse-to-patient ratio mandate

By Sam Mortimer Parliament was due to debate an amendment to the Hospital and Health Boards Act, set to mandate minimum nurse-to-patient ratios in hospitals around the state. Coincidentally, nurses and midwives were also celebrating International Nurses Day today, and Queensland Premier Annastacia

Electoral enrolment cut-off looms for young voters

Written by Toby Crockford, edited for online by Sam Mortimer. The electoral rolls for the Federal Election on July 2 close in two weeks, and 17 per cent of young people across Australia are not eligible to vote. According to

Kepler discovery shortens the odds of confirming extra-terrestrial life

Written by Georgie Scotchford, edited for online by Sam Mortimer. US space agency NASA announced the detection of more than 1200 new planets in an astronomical discovery which increased the chances of finding life in outer space. Launched in 2009, the

Abortion decriminalization rally draws crowd at QLD State Parliament

Written by Jacob Miley, edited for online by Sam Mortimer A crowd of women’s rights advocates gathered outside Parliament House as Queensland Independent MP Rob Pyne presented a bill aimed at decriminalizing abortion in the state. Abortion was prohibited under the Queensland

Teens shun underage drinking as parents turn off the tap

Written by Hannah Kotaidis, edited for online by Sam Mortimer. A new study has found the number of parents buying alcohol for their teenage children has decreased dramatically in recent years. Experts have said it was a promising sign of change

Sea World rejects Bob Carr’s push for dolphin captivity ban

Written by Lucy Ross, edited for online by Sam Mortimer. The Queensland Government is supporting tourism park Sea World against activists who are trying to stop dolphin captivity. This followed a push from former New South Wales Premier, Bob Carr, to

Uni student fee hikes set to bite

University students will take to the streets to protest proposed hikes in fees. They’re planning a national day of action on Wednesday. Kurravi Piggott reports.

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Marginal Queensland seats in the spotlight

Queensland is considered a key election battleground, with both leaders likely to make numerous visits over the next eight weeks. Reporter Tegan Atkins has been assessing the issues and seats likely to decide the outcome.

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Nicholls announces new Queensland front bench

In state politics, Lawrence Springborg is missing from the new Queensland opposition front bench. Tim Nicholls unveiled his recycled team today, and he has another role in mind for the man he replaced. Joseph Ogilvie reports.

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Federal election campaign kicks off in Queensland

Both houses of Federal Parliament were officially dissolved this morning, signalling the start of the eight-week election campaign. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten are in highly-contested marginal seats hoping to win over crucial Queensland votes. Education, youth unemployment and asylum

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