Author: Naveen Razik

Police pay tribute to fallen comrades

It’s been a solemn day for police around the nation. They’ve paused to pay tribute to fallen officers, as one of their own fights for his life. Missy Drage reports.

ABC fallout continues as the PM nominates interim chair

Chaos continues in the upper echelon of the ABC with some calls for the whole board to be reviewed. Doctor Kirstin Ferguson, a current member and a professor at QUT business school, is set to become the interim chair. Kendyl

Banks harshly criticised by interim royal commission findings

It’s probably going to be harder to get a home loan from today. The banking royal commission handed down its interim report and banks will surely tighten their lending requirements. Brigitte O’Brien reports.

RSPCA plea to protect pets ahead of Riverfire

Brisbane’s annual Riverfire event is 21 this year. It’s more popular than ever but not we are warned with animals. Ysabelle Alesna reports.

Australia’s Biggest Duck Race hoping for record research donations

Brisbane’s CBD turned yellow today for Australia’s Biggest Duck Race. Money from the event goes to cancer research. Alex Brewster reports.

Foodies dine out at Brisbane’s Food and Wine Expo

Research shows tourists spend $21 billion on food and wine alone in Australia every year and exhibitors at the annual Brisbane food and wine expo want a share of it. Daiyna Odgaard reports.

Footy die-hards line up for Grand Final parade

Dedicated West Coast fans have been flying in or driving across the Nullabor all week to support their favourite AFL team, and Collingwood supporters were there already and waiting for a parade through Melbourne. Cynthia Taylu reports.

Dubler passes on training and tips to aspiring young athletes

One of Australia’s top decathletes is helping aspiring juniors. Cedric Dubler won bronze at the Commonwealth Games and is passing down his knowledge. Liam Clarkson reports.

ABC Chairman resigns after claims of political interference

The ABC is in crisis, with the Chairman of the Board now resigning. Justin Milne was accused of demanding the sacking of journalists to appease the government. Missy Drage reports.

Experts urge workers to stand up on the job

Fifty per cent of Aussie workers sit down for their job and experts say back problems caused by poor postures, are now a serious health concern. Cynthia Taylu reports.