Author: Max Eagles

Great Brisbane Bike Ride raising funds to fight cancer

One of Brisbane’s biggest cycling events is attracting thousands of riders and they’re raising money for a good cause. Isabella Magee reports.

Brisbane’s Greek community begins Paniyiri prep

Paniyiri is Queensland’s largest cultural festival. So it takes plenty of preparation to get ready to feed the hungry hordes. Chloe Maxwell reports.

Injuries leave AFL teams hamstrung

The AFL will be without several key players this weekend. Bombers midfielder, Devin Smith, is expected to be sidelined for six to eight weeks with a knee injury. Isla Stanich reports.

Major parties focus on first home buyers plans

The needs of first home buyers continues to dominate the campaign trail. The leaders of the major parties are both claiming they have the best plans as they vie for young voters. James Stephens reports.

Qld scientists make mental health breakthrough

Queensland scientists have made a breakthrough in the understanding of mental health. It’s hoped they can now find better drug treatments. Isabella Magee reports.

Motorists urged to watch out for animals over winter

Motorists have been warned about an increasingly deadly danger on the roads. In winter, wildlife creates new hazards. Chloe Maxwell reports.

Teacher suspended for tackling student

A deputy principal has been suspended for wrestling with a student in school yard brawl. The teacher tackled the student while trying to break up a fight. Grace Desoe reports.

Eczema experts call for more awareness

It’s the skin condition that affects thousands of Australians on a daily basis. Experts are calling for more awareness about a rising epidemic. Brittany Butler reports.

Million dollar rugby facility planned for Ballymore

Ballymore is about to get a 15 million dollar expansion. The money will build a state-of-the-art National Training Centre. Grace Desoe reports.

Polling shows Labor on track to win election

New research shows Labor is on track to win the election. The party’s support has jumped heading into the last week. Tim Lofthouse reports.