Author: Max Eagles

Election Special: Election Moments

A marathon election campaign now comes to a close. Let’s look back at the moments which had us talking at QUT News. Max Eagles reports.

Leaders make last-ditch effort for Sydney seat

Our Federal political leaders have made their final pitch to voters, ahead of Saturday’s election. Scott Morrison is urging Australians to stay the course, while Bill Shorten says it’s time for change. Laura Daly reports.

Lime backs its scooters

It’s been six chaotic months since Lime Scooters descended on Brisbane’s footpaths. Paramedics have treated 80 riders, yet Lime says their scooters are safe. James Stephens reports.

Brisbane hosts child safety conference

The keys to improving the lives of Australian children are discussion and evidence. Experts packed a conference in Brisbane today, which coincides with National Families Week. Isabella Magee reports.

Qld vets use 3D tech to treat dogs

Science is taking “paw-sitive” strides for animals. Queensland vets are using 3D technology to diagnose and treat dogs. Brittany Butler reports.

Brisbane Truck Show rolls into town

The heavy vehicle industry has shifted up a gear, at the Brisbane Truck Show. Everything from clever safety features, to a new jobs hub will be revving up truck enthusiasts. Grace Desoe reports.

Parramatta re-sign superstar Gutherson

NRL star Clint Gutherson has re-signed with Parramatta for three years. The deal comes after extensive contract negotiations. Chloe Maxwell reports.

Authorities warn flu deaths are on the rise

Queensland is in the grip of a flu disaster. It has caused at least 25 deaths so far this year and authorities say nobody is safe. James Stephens reports.

Leaders look to shore up marginal seats

Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten are criss-crossing the country to win over voters before Saturday and house prices are a talking point for both parties. Grace Desoe reports.

Former PMs on the campaign trail

The election race has turned personal as two former Prime Ministers berate sitting members. But do voters really prefer politicians to focus on policy? Brittany Butler reports.