Author: Maudy Veltema

Johnathan Thurston distressed but hopeful after being ruled out for State of Origin game one

Written by Maudy Veltema The visibly upset Rugby League legend arrives on a push bike with his head hanging low and his eyes looking sad. Johnathan Thurston’s ongoing shoulder injury has ruled him out for the first game of his

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Queensland startup businesses share creativity at co-work precinct

The state government is encouraging Queensland startup businesses to exchange their technology and ideas. It wants them to use what’s called co-space to foster creativity. Lexi Kehl reports.

Brisbane food scraps recycled at community compost stations

More Brisbane residents are being encouraged to recycle food scraps. The idea is to take them to community compost stations. Brittany Graham reports.

Retailers expected to offer big bargains in the midst of spending slump

Written by Brittany Graham. Produced for online by Maudy Veltema. Source: pixabay Consumers are being urged to spend big after the retail sector has taken a downturn for a second straight month and retailers say they are likely to offer

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Dairy products do not increase risk of heart disease or stroke, experts say

Written by Emily Kuehner. Produced for online by Maudy Veltema. Source: Pixabay Consumption of full fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt do not increase risk of heart attack or stroke, according to a new UK study that

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Budget Boosts Living Organ Donor Support By 4 Million Dollars

Written by Emily Kuehner Produced for online by Maudy Veltema Source: Pixabay Employees who take time off work to recover from organ-providing surgery will be financially supported by the Federal Government. 4.1 million dollars will be provided in the 2017

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Australian Quarantine Error Destroys Irreplaceable Plant Specimen

Written by Annalise Pennisi Produced for online by Maudy Veltema Source: Wiki Media Commons Questions are being raised about Australia’s tough bio security procedures after border officers prematurely destroyed irreplaceable 19th century plant specimens that were on loan from France’s

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Testosterone offers new hope for asthma treatment

Written by Brittany Graham Produced for online by Maudy Veltema Source: Wikimedia Commons Doctors and researchers are working together to formulate a drug to fight asthma following new research showing the possible benefits from the hormone testosterone. The study conducted

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